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Japanese Chiisai Character?

How do I type "chiisai" characters when I use katakana?

Chiisai meaning small, so I can make a different sound by combining a character with a chiisai one.

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    ッ (Katakana)

    xtu (key sequence)

    キャ キュ キョ (Katakana)

    kya kyu kyo (key sequence)

    シャ シュ ショ (Katakana)

    sha shu sho (key sequence)

    チャ チュ チョ (Katakana)

    cha chu cho (key sequence)

    ニャ ニュ ニョ (Katakana)

    nya nyu nyo (key sequence)

    ヒャ ヒュ ヒョ (Katakana)

    hya hyu hyo (key sequence)

    ミャ ミュ ミョ (Katakana)

    mya myu myo (key sequence)

    リャ リュ リョ (Katakana)

    rya ryu ryo (key sequence)

    ギャ ギュ ギョ (Katakana)

    gya gyu gyo (key sequence)

    ジャ ジュ ジョ (Katakana)

    ja ju jo (key sequence)

    ビャ ビュ ビョ (Katakana)

    bya byu byo (key sequence)

    ピャ ピュ ピョ (Katakana)

    pya pyu pyo (key sequence)

    Exceptional character.

    These are basically used only for technical words.

    [Katakana - (key sequence)]

    ウィ (uxi)

    クァ (kuxa)

    クィ (kuxi)

    クェ (kuxe)

    クォ (kuxo)

    ティ (texi)

    フュ (fyu)

    ディ (dexu)


    ヴァ (va)

    ヴィ (vi)

    ヴェ (ve)

    ヴォ (vo)

    I hope this helped.

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