why does my boyfriend feel the need to add girls on myspace?

ok. im 19 and so is my boyfriend. we've been going out for 6 months now and lately ive noticed something about myself. that maybe im the jealous type. but i dont know if i have a reason to be this way or that im just paranoid. I get jealous when he adds girls on myspace or even facebook. and no its not like theyre random girls. Theyre actually girls he knows.. from his school and stuff. and thats what i think bothers me. how does he find them on facebook? he must know their last names. how does he know their last names? he must talk to them. why does he ask for their accounts? why does he care? why does he feel the need to have them on his profile?

and before you guys answer this, no i am not insecure. im a self confident person and we have a great relationship. i just want to understand why he adds these girls? i could care less about adding some guy i know. am i over thinking everything? why does it bother me so much? ughh its so annoying

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    I have added both guys that I know, and guys that I didn't know, to my myspace friends list. Adding them to my friends list didn't really mean anything as far as I was concerned. I was being friendly, and sometimes I talked to them, but most of the time I didn't. If I did talk to them it was just a casual, quick conversation like, "Hey! What's up?". My ex used to get soooo upset over it. I never could understand why. I honestly had no romantic interest in these guys. They were strictly acquaintances.

    My ex and I broke up for a short period of time then got back together. I had deleted him from my friends list and changed my profile to private. For months he begged me to put him back on my friends list, but I refused because we did nothing but argue over the guys on my friends list. Every innocent comment he would read something into so I figured we wouldn't fight if he didn't see it. I was wrong, and we broke up for good eventually (myspace was just part of our problems).

    My point is: It shouldn't bother you. If you have a good relationship and you trust him, then the girls on his myspace page are nothing more than acquaintances. Maybe he tracks them down, but maybe they ask to be added to his page and he complies to be nice. Maybe he's one of those guys that has a lot of female friends, but they are just that, friends.

    I just don't understand why some people think if you're added to a freaking myspace or facebook list that it means you're dating or are even romantically interested in that person! It's just a website! Sure people hook up via the site, but not everyone does. A relationship has far more meaningful moments than anything that could happen on myspace.

    So just ignore the fact that he is adding these girls until he gives you a real reason - like having cybersex - to worry about it. It's not worth stressing over.

    Good luck!

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    It's not always him adding them too you gotta realize, it's them adding him. Just make sure he already is listed as 'in a relationship' and any of the girls who were looking for someone should become a lot less 'friendly'. Really tho, imagine it being reversed. How would you feel if you were told you can't make any new guy friends? It's unrealistic that you're only going to meet and be friendly to people of one gender after you get into a relationship. Really so long as all he's doing is being friendly, you have nothing to worry about =P

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    It all depends! Don't you add guys to your myspace that you know? Why do you do that? Also like someone else said, myspace and facebook dont only let you add people but others may ask if you would add them.

    Just take it easy I bet it is hard but you have to calm down on this. Why dont you ask him?

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    facebook is for connecting with friends, its fine lol, dont worry, im sure he likes you alot, dont let this get to you, just relax and trust him, best of luck =]

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are totally overreacting.

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    1 decade ago

    wow.....you're right you are both paranoid and jealous.

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