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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsAllergies · 1 decade ago

am i allergic to fragrances?

my skin turns red and it burns whenever i use lotion, i cant spray even the tiniest bit of perfume or bodyspray without turning red and non stop coughing, and then even if someone is wearing strong cologne or perfume i do the same thing, and my almay face wipes makeup remover burns my skin insanely and i cant keep air freshners in my room bc its hard to breath does this mean im allergic to fragrances or what/

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    1 decade ago
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    Allergy is a disorder of the immune system often also referred to as atopy. Allergic reactions occur to environmental substances known as allergens; these reactions are acquired, predictable and rapid. Strictly, allergy is one of four forms of hypersensitivity and is called type I (or immediate) hypersensitivity. It is characterized by excessive activation of certain white blood cells called mast cells and basophils by a type of antibody known as IgE, resulting in an extreme inflammatory response. Common allergic reactions include eczema, hives, hay fever, asthma, food allergies, and reactions to the venom of stinging insects such as wasps and bees.

    Common symptoms of allergy:

    Nose: swelling of the nasal mucosa (allergic rhinitis)

    Sinuses allergic sinusitis

    Eyes: redness and itching of the conjunctiva (allergic conjunctivitis)

    Airways: Sneezing, coughing, bronchoconstriction, wheezing and dyspnea, sometimes outright attacks of asthma, in severe cases the airway constricts due to swelling known as angioedema

    Ears: feeling of fullness, possibly pain, and impaired hearing due to the lack of eustachian tube drainage.

    Skin: rashes, such as eczema and hives (urticaria)

    Gastrointestinal tract: abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea

    .. i advice you to go to the doctor to confirm if you are really allergic or something he can give you meds if you really are allergic, it depends on what type of allergy you have..

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