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Sib-set baby names - your opinions?

I have two son's

Matthew Michael F. (1 syllable last name)

Matthew is after father's best friend - Michael is father's first name

Nathaniel (Nathan) Xavier F.

Nathaniel Xavier is the name my hubby and I choose while we were still in the dating stage of our relationship

If I were to have another pregnancy (not happening - hubby is "fixed")... I would want triplets (like I said - not happening, so I might as well dream big huh!)

What do you think of these names for a sib-set (to each other and big brothers)

Elizabeth (Beth) Rose

Elizabeth is the girl name hubby and I picked out in the dating stage... Rose is one of the two middle names we played around with (the other was Lorelei... because her initials would then be ELF) - Rose is hubby's mother's middle name, hubby's sister's middle name, and hubby's niece's middle name... Also, Rose is a variation of my grandmother's name, Rosie

Katherine (Katy) Suzanna

Katherine is a name hubby and I played with during our second pregnancy (until we found that it was a boy)... Hubby likes Catherine better - Suzanna is my first name...

William Thomas

William is my father's middle name - Thomas is a name hubby and I played around with during our second pregnancy, and also the first name of my step-dad...


Matthew Michael (5 years)

Nathaniel [Nathan] Xavier (2.5 years)

Elizabeth [Beth] Rose (newborn)

Katherine [Katy] Suzanna (newborn)

William Thomas (newborn)

Well... what do you think? Sound pretty together? Look coordinated, but not matched? What would you chose (and how many)?



Tristan Michael is my great-nephew...

Tristan Vaughn - The names share a common heritage/usages (Welsh & English) - would mean "little riot or tumult"...

which most definitely describes the average toddler/preschooler!

Tristan Cade / James / Miles / Zane

Briony - Pronounced: BRIE-ən-ee?

Briony Alea (ə-LEE-ə) / Alise (AL-is) / Astra (AS-trə) / Caris (KAHR-is) / Jayne (JAYN) / Rae (RAY) / Sera (SER-ə) / Tamsin (TAM-sin also: Tamsen, Tamsyn, Tamzin) / Wren (REN) / Adele / Blythe / Esme (ez-MAY) / Elspeth / Maeve / Quinn

(all names can be found at:

Good luck :-)

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    I think they sound pretty together, they are all the same style, which makes them looked coordinated. No, they are not matching =). And it's great that each name has its meaning and somehow connected to you. Well, I have no children yet, but I'd chose some more uncommon names. I've planned out some names, as I'm planning to have a large family, but you know, who knows. So here are my future baby names =):

    Jude Kiedis

    Alistair Liev


    Rhys Isaiah

    Aurora Noelie

    Lily Adria

    Jocelyn Danae


    Unfortunately I haven't found any decent middle names for Tristan and Briony. Do you have any idea? =D

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    Matthew Michael.... eh its like trying to layer two shirts together, one is just not meant to be for layering, you know? Michael's not a good fit for a middle name, in my opinion.

    Nathan Xavier sounds too precious.... change Xavier with something else, just not Xavier.

    Elizabeth Rose is PERFECT.

    Katherine Suzanna is just trying too hard, like the layering theory I had going on there....

    William Thomas sounds like a trust-fund baby who will grow up to become a pretentious snob.

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  • 3 years ago

    i think of those are cute names. you have large style in names. Delilah Elaine-cute biblical call Addison Grace-truly truly & i like the nickname Addie Carter Levi-LOVE this call-one among my favorites Jackson Tyler-great cute flows nicely mutually in case you like those names, you may additionally like the names Delia, Cecelia, Adelyn, Carson, Caleb, & Chase. desire this facilitates :D ??

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    1 decade ago

    Elizabeth, Katherine and William are great names nice and normal!

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    1 decade ago

    love your names

    Benjamin Samuel "Ben" (5 years)

    Sarah Kaitlyn "Sadie" (2.5 years)

    Andrew Thomas "Andy" (newborn)

    Tyler James "Ty" (newborn)

    Grace Alexandra "Gracie" (newborn)

    Emily Leah "Emmy" (newborn)

    Andy, Ty, Gracie, and Emmy would be quads! Gracie and Emmy would be identical!! What fun!!!

    Source(s): Leah and Kaitlyn would be extra names
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    I think that you've chosen classic names that are still popular in modern times... They all look good together :-)

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