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How do you feel about Michael Vick and the NFL?

first off i know what he did was wrong and it was the dumbest thing i could ever see a superstar player do but he is almost finished his time, and for all of you people who say he isn't coming back need to get used to the idea cause he has paid his debt to society and he will be back and i hope he does well

what team do you think he is going to get signed by?

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    i cant wait till he comes back the most exciting QB in da league. pple always say he cant throw but let me tell u if u play QB in da league its cuz u can throw a football. they dont just put ne body back there at QB. he could only depend on TE alge crumpler 2 catch the ball cuz every1 else dropped passes left and right and he was 6th in win percentage by a startin QB. there are guys in da league he do drugs and had attempted murder charges and they still in da league so im sure vick will be back. its been 1 1/2years and pple needa just move on its worst crimes out there than dogfighting and the thing is they make it seem like he is the only 1 to fight his dogs. for example if tom brady would have fought and killed dogs every1 would have forgave him and moved on within a week but since it was mike vick the richest man in da nfl they wanna hold it against him but u knoe haters are u biggest fans doe.

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    Honestly, I think if he went to jail and paid his punishment and he is truely sorry about the whole thing, than he should be able to come back and play without some HUGE deal being made about it. The guy is a very gifted athlete and although his passing numbers weren't superb the run/pass threat he brings to the table will have a few teams interested in him.

    The Raiders, Seahawks, Jaguars, Dolphins, Chiefs, and 49ers will probably all have a look at him for the Wide Reciever position.

    The Lions, Chiefs, and Rams will probably be looking at him as a QB.

    I mean the Lions coaxed Culpepper out of retirement in desperation this year.

    Who knows where he'll end up for sure, but my money's on Oakland.

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    Vick's character has been a considerable factor of dialogue by the finished NFL community. would desire to he be allowed to play? would desire to they provide him the boot? those questions proceed to be moot, while in actuality nonetheless the comparable: Vick's profession should not be the comparable whether a set alternatives him or not. there have been a super number of NFL gamers that have been in touch with the regulation in some way or yet another, and for this reason their careers heavily stalled or they're not enjoying. Take working example, Rae Carruth. He became into charged with conspiracy to dedicate 1st degree homicide. he's serving out his sentence till 2018. Then there is of direction, O.J and Hubert Thompson besides. All of those adult men are additionally responsible of arising the incorrect alternatives. i think of that its style of a humorous tale that the league is giving Vick circumstances on coming back. I basically say that with the aid of fact the NFL has severe standards for their gamers. They recognize, merely like all rational thinking agencies, that reinstating him completely could thoroughly cut back to rubble the franchise. The leagues call, besides as Vick's is tarnished. an entire onslaught of individuals would be dissatisfied and money would be funneled remote from the NFL. they'll finally end up dropping extra, particularly than gaining something. Peta has already had a field day with Vick's strikes. Does the league elect anymore undesirable and destructive press? finally they'd forgive and supply him yet another threat. In essence that's what their doing; yet they're being so slick correct to the full technique. Does all and sundry think of a set will %. him back up? They gave him those circumstances on purpose. Vick is conscious that the gamers characterize their community and their communities. To have his call dragged contained in the direction of the dirt, how would desire to he come lower back from that? Vick lost his group, his friends and has suffered his outcomes. he's now like a pariah. no one should be linked with him or maybe play with him. Does he deserve in spite of he gets? extra suitable than possibly. would desire to he be allowed to play lower back? definitely i'd desire to care much less. I in no way quite did like the guy first of all. It does not make a distinction to me if he ever performed lower back. whether, I do would desire to assert, that if the NFL comes to a decision to re-negotiate a freelance with Vick and carry the circumstances, then they had be extra cutting-edge than I had initially theory.

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    I personally do not think that Vick will be in the NFL if he were to ever play football again it would probably be in a smaller league like the Afl2 or the UFL. I think that if an an NFL team were to sign Vick it would be Dallas they sign anyone.

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    yeah he probably will come back

    well im gonna use pac man jones as an ex.

    he got in trouble win he was with the titans

    then eventually got suspended indefinitely

    after that he came back and signed with the cowboys

    but im not so sure that dallas will take vick because

    they've already got a good QB so really it could be anyone

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    Gambling and NFL don't go hand-in-hand. The NFL doesn't need vick and it is a privilege - not a right - to play. He threw away that privilege. I say 2-year ban, at least when he gets out of jail. Let him play in Canada or somewhere else.

    (Plus - he had a 75 career passer rating and fumbled the ball constantly. Why would anyone want to take the PR risk when there are better rookie QBs out there to be had?)

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    First of all. . . what Vick did WAS wrong. . however. . isn't it amazing thay you get thrown in jail for conduction dog fights but you get to walk away scott free for being involved in murders!!! Just look at degenerates like Ray Lewis and Jamal Lewis and all the other thugs or half the Cincinnatti Bengals. Michael Vick and his scuzzball brother Marcus were both given every chance in life and blew it. They are both complete sleezeballs with no brains. . .just a couple of dirty scumbags. Vick will probably get another chance but will blow it again. He is rotten to the core and dumber than a doorknob. I have not sympathy for the piece of crap. Maybe Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should spend less time crying about whitey andmore time teaching their culture to be real human beings.. . . of course they are both scumbuckets themselves. Bill Cosby was crucified by them for telling his people to stop being scum. Michael Vick will end up in jail again because he is just a scumbucket with no brain. Such an incredible waste of talent. . . . why did God waste it on him?

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    I think that Vick will get a chance to be on another NFL team. However, he will not be as good as he was before.

    The NFL should pay him to come in to the Rookie Orientation they have and tell his story of what he had, what he lost, and how much fun prison is. Maybe that will wise up a few of these youngsters.

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    Paying his debt to society is one thing, and people getting second chances is great, but there's nothing says that he has to expect he'll be allowed back in the NFL just because he's out of prison. A second chance at freedom doesn't necessarily mean you get to go back to what you were doing before you were locked up.

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    Vick screwed up big-time. However you think of dogfighting, and I happen to believe that this is something that only subhumans engage in, he screwed himself over with the other things he did:

    When his team owner asked him about it when the story first started to break, Vick lied to the owner, repeatedly, to his face.

    He also lied to the NFL commissioner, repeatedly, to his face.

    So right off the bat, anyone in the front office of an NFL team knows one thing about Michael Vick. They know he is a liar. He cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

    They also know that Vick is a loose cannon. He participated in highly illegal wagering on the dogs, and to the wonks in the NFL commissioner's office, that's a worse crime than dogfighting. Gambling scandals of any kind are anathema to the NFL. Vick was consorting with known criminals who participated in illegal gambling activities. He deliberately and repeatedly put himself in a position of being blackmailed by illegal gambling activities to affect the outcome of games in which he participated.

    The NFL might be able to forgive Vick for the dogfighting, but I don't think they'll ever forgive him for lying to the front offices and for getting himself involved with illegal gambling activities. He may be picked up by someone, who knows, but one slip and he's gone.

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