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Graduating in a few months and thinking of heading to Boston- nothing in particular about the city, just an opportunity with a friend. I am from Mississippi, lived there my whole life. I'm considering New Orleans or Houston as an alternative destination, but Boston is first on my list. Just looking for some advice and info about the city and its people. Main things I'm concerned about, 1.Weather (Our high temp is probably 98, average temp 75-80, and low may reach 45-50 for a month if that so I'm worried about being able to handle the cold) 2. The people (I come from the South where everyone is friendly. I know Boston is a city so things are hustle and bustle, but are people generally friendly?) and 3. Cost of living versus pay (I'll be in a field that averages $50,000) Thanks or any tips!

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    Boston is a great city! I used to live in New Hampshire and I found the people of Boston to be quite friendly. The area where I lived in Georgia (metro Atlanta) was much less friendly. I did not find the cold to be that bad (unlike the heat, you can always add more layers to adjust). Lots of culture there and very open minded place. Cost of living can be sort of high, but if you get the right job, it will hopefully offset the cost.

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    Boston is AMAZING -- (of course I am a little biased because I grew up there) but now I live in MI because of law school -- and i've been many places, and there is just no city like Boston -- you will absolutely love it. Great people, restaurants, lots of things to do! Weather -- Yeah, the weather kind of sucks, but you get used to it. Spring in Boston is truly magical, if you walk around, everything in the city is absolutely beautiful (same with the fall) - and of course the summer is nice too. You just have to rough it a little for the winter months, but you get used to it, and its really not as bad as you may think. The people -- everyone is really friendly, and I am sure you will come to love the Boston accent ;) Cost of living -- the cost of living in Boston is pretty high as compared to Mississippi, but if you are making $50,000 then you will be more than well off. Plus there are great places right outside the downtown area that have a lower cost of living (look for Brighton, Allston, Cambridge, Somerville).

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    Hi! Boston is a lovely, small and very nice city. Yes, the winter months are cold and snowy but you might enjoy the change! Spring is a glorious time and something you sure don't get in Mississippi!

    Boston isn't as hustle and bustle as a lot of citys because it is small. We have been told that we aren't the friendliest of people but I think a lot of this has to do with the leftover British reserve. Once you get to know us, we are really decent and kind folk.

    It is *expensive* to live here in Boston, make no mistake about this but, given your salary range, you sure will be able to live comfortable. Are you going to be living in the city or in a suburb? Wherever you end up, I wish you well.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I lived in the Boston area for a long time, and having moved to vermont a few years ago, I'm looking for the opportunity to go back to Boston!

    Weather: It gets kind of extreme here. In the summer it could top out around 100, but in the winter, highs may go nowhere past 2 or 3.

    People: The people aren't a problem. Boston is a big college city, and (right now I live near the Dartmouth college campus), I've known college students to not be much of a problem.

    Cost of living vs. pay: I'm not too sure here, as that long time I've lived near the city was my childhood. I'm 18 right now, and looking to go back to Boston.

    Source(s): I've lived near the city, and have been to Boston many many times. Still go frequently, too!
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