What is your opinion on Alan Keyes?

He has this lawsuit he has brought up and I'm wondering if Alan Keyes is a trustworthy individual?

This is information on the lawsuit:


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    When I lived in California, (in Temecula), I was the secretary for Alan Keyes when he was running in 1996. I helped out alot, and I can vow to say this man SHOULD have been the President.

    I know the media doesn't like him cause his answers are so easy to implement, and frankly we don't need to adhere to the Freemason's agenda for USA.

    I am and will always be for Alan Keyes.

    And I am sure the media didn't like Ron Paul either cause he has good solutions.

    There is no way the govt wants solutions since they want to implement the New World Order quickly on the people who are just begging for a 'savior' to help them. All these problems were created to have the destruction of USA, so that the poor hands would reach up to anything and anyone, hence the NWO will be given as the saving pill.

    I knew Alan and his wife and 3 kids, and though the daughter is on her own, doing her own (anti-daddy stuff) she was a nice gal when I knew her 10 years ago. kids do change and buck their father's authority, but do did mine too.

    But Alan would make a good president, sorry about the anger he shows but that's out of frustration cause the media won't allow him enough time and they love to twist what he says.

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    I liked Alan Keyes and he would have been my best choice to be president when this fiasco of a election all started. However he cannot beat the political mainstream and far too many people that believe in the two party criminal election process.

    At this point all those lawsuits are clutching at straws and that none of them will be given any real credible chance by the courts. Looked at by many as just sour grapes now.

    Just like the I.R.S. and paying taxes outside of wartime fanatics, they may have a point but always lose the case in courts as the law of the land holds precedence.

    I'm still amazed as how racist i am as I would vote for Alan and not Obama though.

  • Alan Keyes was actually my first pick for President until it became obvious that there was no way the powers that be would give him the party support he'd need to win. He's an actual devout Christian, unlike you know who, and the content of his character is excellent.

    As for this issue, I have no doubt it will be tossed to the wayside like every other one that's come up. The birth certificate Obama produced is a short form that is often provided to a mother who walks into an ER and says she gave birth at home. It is not the usual long form that is usually provided when a baby is born in the hospital. But, so far, this document has been accepted by the courts and it will probably continue to be accepted even though it doesn't actually prove he was born here. Obama has a very sinister way of getting out of these situations without ever having to produce what anyone else would be required to show.

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    Alan Keyes is the most trustworthy individual to file one of these suits. Hopefully he'll have some luck getting an answer.

    I hope it isn't a personal vendetta based on his 2004 loss in his Senate run against Obama.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Alan Keys ran for Obama's seat in the senate for Illinois. He also ran as a republican. He also made a bid for the White House both in 2000 and in 2008. In 2000 he ran as a republican and in 2008 he ran as an Independent. I met Alan Keys in 2002 and never did like him, but I really don't know him. He is a politician and that's all I can say about him.

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    Alan is one of the more intelligent men in this country when it comes to understanding the Constitution of the United States. I believe he is also a born again believer.

    I would much rather have him as our President then Obama or McCain.

  • Jan
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    1 decade ago

    Yes,he is a trustworthy person. I would have had no problem giving him my vote. Another one of those third party candidates that never get any attention and would have been a far better choice than either of the big two.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    each little thing that Keyes has mentioned has given lots credance to each little thing he mentioned. all people who's extremely trustworthy and impartial ought to grasp that Obama isn't for all of the persons yet his time table of putting the U.S. into debt for generations to return and empowering the irresponsible and particular hobbies is glaring. He has tied the militarys palms in the back of their backs, jeopardized our justice device and endangered us previous degree. submit to in innovations the guideline 'lack of information of the regulation is not any excuse'. if it is so why are we bailing out 1000's of hundreds who signed very own loan contracts and then say the 'very own loan agencies' deceived them are being bailed out by utilising the responsbile, puzzling working taxpayers? Why are we burdening the country with trillions of debt for generations to return? Why are we giving tens of millions to agencies which includes ACORN? that's worse that young ones and infants working the country. it is crooks, tax evaders, grasping- nicely pronounced politicians- that are working the government. Burris is barely one occasion. how many did the comparable element who have not be caught? how many tax evaders are sitting in severe positions who're no longer paying their taxes or making unlawful bargains whose events have not been revealed? Obama has already been revealed as a phoney and a liar and he reads a teleprompter genuine stable as he recites a arranged speech yet mumbles and fumbles whilst asked any direct questions. He proclaims a disaster and then fits on holiday for 4 days. he's slick and fools a great style of folk and he has lots of cheating politicians to place in writing his regulations; they are his pawns and the persons interior the country whose approach is 'what's in it for me' will cheer and approve of this administration yet will howl in protest whilst they understand how lots in freedom and money it is going to extremely cost them.

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    1 decade ago

    Alan Keyes is trustworthy. He is a conservative black man, who was Ronald Reagan's US Ambassador to the United Nations.

    Mr. Keyes is a Godly Catholic and firmly prolife. I attend, with my wife, a CONSERVATIVE Baptist church of about 3000 people, most of whom would gladly refer to themselves as "Fundamentalist". We are predominantly white with our membership. Several years ago, in our WHITE FUNDAMENTALIST church, on a SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE, Alan Keyes was our guest pastor. I have personally met and spoke briefly with him. I consider him credible....

    The REAL "sledgehammer" is NOT Alan Keyes credibility....The SLEDGEHAMMER is the last two paragraphs of your referenced article:

    Just this week, WND has reported on more than half a dozen other legal challenges have been filed in federal and state courts demanding Obama's decertification from ballots or seeking to halt elector meetings, claiming he has failed to prove his U.S. citizenship status.

    Among the states where cases are being tracked are Ohio, Connecticut, Washington, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Hawaii, and there were reports of other cases being developed in Utah, Wyoming, Florida, New York, North Carolina, Texas, California and Virginia.

    I don't know if democrats can count, but THAT'S 15 STATES;

    enough to REVERSE the election...

    Personally, I think this is wonderful news, but I expect it to be steamrollered over by lying democrats and a complicit media. Can you IMAGINE if Sarah Palin's citizenship were in question? There would be more lawyers and media in Alaska than citizens.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Integrity, straight shooter, A man of honor. I would be proud to stand with him, for him and behind him.

    He says what he believes, and stands behinds it. A rare fine in a man these days.

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