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I have parent-teacher conference coming up. What should I do?

ok... so the ptc is on November 18, 2008. and I really suck at math

well.. it's my math's teacher fault.. he doesnt teach properly i told my mom but she doesn't listen. i am not worried bout the other subjects. i'm kinda good in social studies and literacy and average in science. I am in the 7th grade. so... please help!

-btw! please give good comments instead of bad! ThankYou!

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    "If A equals success, then the formula is A equals X plus Y plus Z.

    X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut."

    ......Albert Einstein

    You're not going to get anywhere with either your teacher or your mom by criticizing/blaming your teacher. Let the adults talk. You just sit & listen. (Yes, I mean even if the teacher is not a great teacher!) If they ask you something, then speak. Otherwise, listen.

    Here's some great sites to help you with your math. I like the Cool Math site the best.

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    here is what you do, you stay for after school tutoring so your teacher can make a good comment to your mom about effort. Ask a lot of questions because that shows that your interested. Do all your homework so your teacher doesn't complain about lack of assignments being turned in. Be good in class, don't talk and don't daydream. If you do that, your teacher will think that that's the reason you don't understand the lesson. Do extra homework, and show it to your teacher, so she know that your actually making an effort. Look at the teavher when she's teaching, she will notice that you're listening. Ask questions about the night befores homework.

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    You should say something to the teacher and tell them bluntly I don't understand. I would want my students to tell me they don't understand, and I have had my students in my maths class tell me they don't understand my explanation. Teachers need to be told and I suggest you tell him. If you just try and impress him then it wont do you any good because you still will not understand anything. Understanding is the most important thing. Somethimes you could also ask a friend to help you as well, they may be able to explain what you don't understand in a language you do understand.

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    Go to the interview with you mom or dad!!! Explain it to them in FRONT of the teacher!!!!

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