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would keeping brine shrimp in a one gallon milk carton work?

one gallon milk carton

no lighting

no heater

only a bubbler and crushed coral substrate

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    I assume you will be using these as food for your fish and not as a cool science project for the kids. As long as thats the case you dont need the coral substrate either. I have always had perfect success with the upside down 2L bottle technique. A turkey baster is also a great way to move the shrimp to your tank at feeding time. If you are trying to keep them for an extended period of time you will need to have a much smaller population to prevent pollution. More in depth instructions can be found here


    and here

    one more note: there are very few filters that are good for brine shrimp due to their small size. The only ones I recommend are "sponge" filters if you intend to keep your shrimp population for an extended period of time. It is also very difficult to change the water in an brine shrimp tank without sucking up tons. Most feeder populations only last for a week or two due to the over crowding pollutants released so usually feeder batches are hatched raised and then the hatchery is cleaned out to start a new batch.

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    ok so first do not keep on with the academic above that brine shrimp can stay luckily in Freshwater.. they're brine shrimp brine refers to salt.... so in case you wanna keep them as pets more effective no longer to placed them in a 10 gallon tank and that i advise get a million gallon fishbowl or some thing like a huge 1lit-re pickle jar only rinse it thoroughly.. then bypass to the sea coast And collect Sea water make effective you assemble round a million meter from the sea coast.. so there is no sand blending interior the water fill your field with sea water like a million inch from the properly and get some more effective Sea water for backup... in case you want get some coral gravel in a puppy shop it will be an fairly good pH buffer on your brine shrimp water.. then in case you receive residing house get a significantly better 40 ounce field and fill it with sea water you receive from the sea coast pour a a million/4 tablespoon off brine shrimp get an air-pump and deploy it there and go away it over-nighttime in blah blah blah i imagine you understand a thanks to collect them top assemble them and placed it on your significant bowl you crammed with sea water.. and that is it feed them 3X a week with 3 pinch of powdered yeast.. and spirulina powder... i imagine this would help you... :)

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    No it will not work to keep any shrimp or fish in. If the shrimp is used for food get a 2-5 gallon aquarium w/ lighting, heater, food, air, and a filter. If not get a 5-10 gallon for them.

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    Ya that would do just fine, they don't even need the bubbler.

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    well the problem is that ammonia will spike, and getting it out is the hard part

    hey you know you could just go out and buy a plastic container and put it in there.

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