Why did Georgia attack South Ossetia in the first place?

Please give an educated answer...not "cuz they felt like it"

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    George Bush supplied them with arms and told their anti democracy dictator Mikheil Saakashvili that America would give them full support in any matters. Mikheil Saakashvili took this as his cue to reclaim the breakaway republic and launched a war of conquest against South Ossetia. Saakashvili and Bush were surprised by the Russian response which left Georgia reeling and Bush dumbfounded. Luckily for us Bush had sense enough not to send troops to Georgia and start World War III.

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    Russia built a oil pipeline that runs through that area. It supplies Europe with Russian oil.

    Exxon wanted the rights to that oil pipeline but Putin go it instead. (since it's Russian oil what was Exxon thinking?)

    Anyway, out of anger Exxon ordered Bush to "Rattle the sabers" in Russia's direction and puppy dog Bush responded by putting missiles in Poland, and Russia responded by threatening to put Missiles in Iran or where ever,

    anyway, The dude in George though he'd like to get his hands on some oil pipeline taxes so he can buy a really sweet condo on the black Sea and stock it with a bunch of hot 18 year old sex bitches and of course old Georgie saw an oppertunity to show his masters at Exxon what a heck of a job he's doin' for them so he hinted to this Georgian idiot that America would support him militarily if need be so of course after ordering the drapes for his new sex pad he launched a attack into South Ossetia to start collecting the tax money or else he'd shut down the pipe line but instead Russia kicked his ***** *** in about 6 days and the President of Georgia called Bush begging for the help and of course Bush wasn't answering the phone 'cause he was too busy hiding from the guy, so a whole bunch of people died for some stupid half backed reasons and Bush made America look like a fool again and the Republicans blamed the Democrats in congress and meanwhile housing prices fell in America and next week 1/3rd of all working people in this country will be laid off because Bush fuxxed up the banking industry too.

    Make sense now?


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    Im no expert, but i was under the impression that South Ossetia was part of Georgia.

    In fact it says right here on Wikipedia that South Ossetia is a region within Georgia.


    Also this map here clearly shows that South Ossetia is right in the center of the country of Georgia.


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    Supposedly because Russian forces were overly-aggressive. There is much controversy over what happened, as both reports conflict.

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    McCain told them to.

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    and your proof is ???

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