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My Turtle Won't Eat? =[?

I love my turtle to death and i've had him for one year now and for about two weeks he won't eat or hardly eats anything i drop in his tank as of this fall. I broke down and cried because he looked so sad and lethargic. He's constantly sleeping and won't eat a thing I felt sorry. So I went out today and bought his favorite type of of food the can o" shrimp from petco.he lovess shrimp and i dropped it in his tank and he looked at it and sniffed it but didn't eat it. I'm guessing the water is too cold and i heard during the fall and winter they stop eating as much but he won't eat at all. what could be wrong? =[

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    Most of the time turtles won't eat because something is wrong in their environment. They must have:

    1. Water heater

    2. Water filters and frequent water changes (dechlorinated of course).

    3. Heat basking bulb with proper temps measured with digital probe thermometer.

    4. UVB reptile light such as Reptisun or Reptiglo 5.0 or greater.

    5. No gravel or loose substrate in tank.

    6. A variety of fresh (live) food, pellets and greens.

    Check out Austins for complete care:

    Source(s): CVT, turtle/reptile owner
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    dam i no ur pain and i also no the solution

    when one of my res turtles was a baby it cuaght a respitory infection becuase the water was cold.

    leme guess head hanging out eyes all closed

    no energy

    floats around the water carlessly??

    wont eat

    well im glad u took action now mine didnt eat for 1 month and 4 days.

    i got a water heater turned it all the way up and bam back to new with some exstra help from anti biotics.

    they dont have to hybernate or get sick if your water is at least 75 degrees its fine go and buy a good water heater will he still has a chance

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    Turtle Won T Eat

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    well i wish you told me what kind of turtle because i have an aquatic turtle who don't eat once and i got him floating food and eventually he did eat really.your turtle should eat soon and be sure not to feed it to much.also be sure that it doesn't eat in a extremely unsanitary environment.this should also help you specifically

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    My turtle used to do that, I'd take him to the vet, my turtle got very sick during his "fasting," the vet will be ablr to do something. You could put feeder fish in for him to eat when he feels like it.

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    sometimes in cold weather they dont eat. idk why. my moms turtles use to do the same thing!!

    just wait it out. he will eat if hes hungry.

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