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How much does a goat cost?


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    Just like with dogs, it depends completely on the breed and if the animal is registered. You never want to keep one by itself, though, because they are a herd animal and will be loud and annoying and miserable without a friend. Expect to spend about $125 or more for a decent pair of pet-quality wethers.

    We raise pygmies and Nubians, both purebred and grade. We price ours based on conformation, bloodline and milk production. I wouldn't sell a pedigreed doe for less than $300, but I know other breeders with finished does (meaning they've shown and placed enough to go as far as they can with grand champion legs and National titles). Animals of that quality are worth upwards of $1,000.

    If you're looking for a pet or a 4-H project, a wethers is generally the best way to go. We sell those for anywhere between $50-175, and if you were looking for a 4-H project, pygmy wethers can be shown.

    To the person who posted that you can't show bucks, there are sanctioned shows that include bucks, but they are typically only in the spring when the boys aren't in rut. Bucks do not make good pets, though, as they are incredibly smelly and can be really obnoxious.

    Even though you can get a pet goat cheap at auction (around $25-50), I strongly advise against this. Many of the animals at auctions are sick or are crossbreeds that may turn into a larger animal than you expect. Instead, find a good breeder who needs homes for the extra boys, and most breeders will give you a great deal on a pair of pet wethers.

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    I have lots of goats. If you are looking for a pet, I would get a wether, which is a castrated male. They are maybe 100 bucks or less.

    If you want a show goat, they can cost anywhere from 300 dollars up depending on the pedigree. You can only show females (does). I would get a show goat--shows are a LOT of fun.

    Do not get a buck. They are too big and will stink bad during breeding season.

    If you have any questions, you can email me privately. If you are interested in a show goat, I might be able to find a good breeder in your area.

    Goats are a lot of fun!! I think they are the cutest animals with the most personality you could ask for.

    If you would like to pick out a breed they are:



    Oberhasli (what I have and recommend)






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    You could get a goat for a pet for $50-$75 from a livestock auction (less if its a babby goat that your friend can raise). I'm not sure how much higher the price would be if you bought one straight from a farm. When I was a kid we had dairy goat as kind of a hobby (4-H projects, pets, etc) on the small farm I lived on. A "high quality" goat can cost upwards of $300, but just one that will be a pet will be cheaper. Such a random question... EDIT: So I never realized that so many folks had goats! Even Jili out on the west coast! Belinda, sorry you had a goat that sucked, if you raise them from the time they're little and treat them like a pet, they will act like one. Byron - I've had goat, it is delicious. Tastes almost exactly the same as mutton but the meat seemed denser, very low fat and healthy. And to the person who suggested a sheep - yes, goat have horns, but you can have them removed when the goat is a babby (a vet can do it to adults to, but it isn't easy), and there are breeds of goat that don't have horns. Also, many goats are simply a genetic anomoly and don't have horns. And they're smarter than sheep.

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    How Much Do Goats Cost

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    That is largely dependent on the goat you would like to purchase. For example, a Boer goat would cost you very near $300. While you can buy a Pygmy goat for about $90. Also, if you are looking for a tame one, you can expect the prices to be much higher.

    Hope that helps!!;)

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    This Site Might Help You.


    How much does a goat cost?


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    I had 3 goats.

    My first one, I got him when he was about 3months old, he cost $60

    My second was 2 years old when I got him, he was $100

    and my third goat, he was roughly 5 years old when I got him and he was only $55ish

    It'll vary on breed, age, etc

    My first two goats were the same breed, from the same breeder.

    The third was a retired dairy goat (it was male, he was a stud, so to speak)

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    anywhere between 75-300 dollars. there great pets if u have the land to keep them on. if u dont. dont even think about it.

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