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Are retainers suppose to be permanent? For the rest of your life?

My retainers are glued on at the backs of my teeth and I remember my orthodontist saying they were permanent. So does he mean for the rest of my life? I'd call him but I don't know his # and I moved to another city since then.

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    Depends. After I had braces I wore a retainer for about 6 months night and day (took it out only to eat). Then I was allowed to take it out during the day, but I was told I had to wear it at night every night till my mouth outgrows it (which basically meant for me forever because he already told me my mouth was done growing). I didn't do it though, I stopped wearing it after about 3 months altogether. My front teeth spaced out a little bit, but other than that they look fine, and its been over 9 years.

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    I asked my dentist to take mine off after I had worn it for about 15 years. I thought that was long enough. I had also stopped wearing my overnight retainer.

    Bad idea. I ended up needing to get braces on again. It was actually a blessing in disguise as my second orthodontist was better than my first. I've had my second set of braces off for many years now, and I plan to wear my retainers for the rest of my life this time.

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    no they arent permanent meaning for the rest of your life...i had them on the bottom you can get them removed i think 6 months to a year after having your braces removed....i had mine on for like 2 years then i bit an apple and one side popped off so i just ripped it off but my teeth are still straight

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    They are usually temporary.

    They are most often used before or after dental braces to hold teeth in position while assisting the adjustment of the surrounding gums to the changes in bone.

    I had to wear them for a while after getting rid of my braces.

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    no. they cant come out of your mouth whenever you want so they are called permanent.

    you have to go to the orthodontist to get them removed.

    i have them to and i'm gunna keep them on for a long time mabye until im lie 20cuz there is a 100% chance they wont shift.

    it is just a preference tho.


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    no the top one is remove able all the time and the bottom one is stuck but you can't see it its behind your teeth and you can feel it either i do not even know mines there but no its not permanent its temperaly

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    no, it means until its time for you to get them removed so that you no longer need to wear them. its not forever :]

    they just stay in place.

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