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How many islands does Japan have?

Please give a rough estimate, (No idiots please)

and if you can, give a good Info site on Japan (Not wikipedia)

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    "Hi"....... here you go, it looks like Japan has the 4 main Islands ( Hokkaido, Kyushu, Honshu and Shikoku ) and then approximately 3000 Islands in the the start of the 2nd. paragraph........

    Hope that helps ya ! *S* (Michael C...)

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    Besides the main 4 islands, there are about 3,000 smaller islands that make up the country of Japan.

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    There are 4 main islands in Japan (well there is really 5)

    they are

    -Hokaidou (ほっ海道)

    -Honshu ( 本州 )

    -Shikoku ( 四国 )

    -Kiyushu ( 九州 )

    -Okinawa (沖縄 )

    Source(s): myself,
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