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I want to be in the FBI?

When I grow up I totally want to be in the FBI and I want to know if theres actually a unit on behavioral analysis?

Like on Criminal Minds how they work FBI : BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) but I want to know if it really exists.

If it does, what should I focus on in studying in highschool and college?

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    FBI BAU does exist. It is probably one of the key or largest branch of the FBI. Pretty much big enough that they made sub divisions. I was highly inspired by Criminal Minds during my middle school times. I kinda doubt there will be too much helpful courses during high school. However, many schools vary in what courses are available. Some may offer psychology. If it is possible, try to get in psychology, sociology, criminal justice, criminology and law courses as these are quite helpful. Here's another thing about the FBI in general. They choose which division you will go to based on your education (as in what classes you took). That means the chances of being in the Field is so-so since they also place new agents into the support division. If you make it to the Field side, there's a high chance that you won't be in the BAU division. However, after a couple of years in the FBI and working in the team you were placed, you probably can ask for a transfer. These info I just mentioned may not be true. I've based the info from my memory after reading other sources, nor do I even belong to the FBI so the info may not be credible, but I tried my best. I recommend searching the FBI web for info, and give them a call/email. Anyways, if you still want to join the BAU, good luck!

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    Keep in mind that a lot of what you see on TV is not representative of what a career in law enforcement is really like.

    I would recommend working toward a degree in criminal justice and focusing on taking classes related to investigations in particular.

    Also, the FBI is looking for those with military or prior law enforcement experience. In order to study criminal behavior, it would be a particularly good idea to work in the prison system before applying at the FBI. Try working in the state or federal prison system as a correctional officer for a few years.

    Source(s): me, former police officer
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    These are the basic requirements to become an FBI agent:You must be at least 23 years of age, but younger than 37 upon your appointment as a Special Agent. You must possess a four-year degree from a college or university accredited by one of the regional or national institutional associations recognized by the United States Secretary of Education. You must have at least three years of professional work experience. You must also possess a valid driver's license and be completely available for assignment anywhere in the FBI's jurisdiction.

    Source(s): 20 years law enforcement
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    Criminal Law in any basic college. It's a start.

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    Try take real classes like math, science and philosophy at the college level.

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