How does Russia's Government work with a Prime Minister and a President?

Do they have equally shared power, or do they cover different areas of government? I was just curious since Putin went from president to prime minister, if that was a step down or not.

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    Officially, the President is like the chairman of a company,the figurehead, and the Prime Minister is the Chief Executive Officer who gets things done. But in Russia today Putin will have more power than anyone else whatever his job title, and he only became PM because the Russian Constitution prohibited him from serving another consecutive term as President. There is nothing to prevent his standing again in future, and I say, "Watch this space"!

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    No, people, you are not right. I am Russian, so I can explane.

    Legislation says that President is the Boss. We here have a strongest democratically elected president rule than anywhere else, because our President can do almost anything. He is chief commander of Military, he appoints governers in oblast' (like states in US).

    Our Duma, which is like you congress, is thought to control president work, through asking questions. Thats all. So it doesn't influence policy at all, only working as legislative producer.

    Prime Minister is appointed by President if Duma agrees. So prime minister is just a working horse, because President can throw him out if he wants. Teoretically.

    But just a paperwork in our case. They rule together. Medvedev is a Putin student. He worked with Putin long before being elected. Now he is just more public and powerful.

    Don't look at him as a puppet. He is a very good educated lawyer, who became Gazprom (state monopoly on gas) president. Also he was in Putin administration and had 3 offices in Moscow. One in Kremlin as vice premier minister, one in White House and one in Gazprom Office skyscrapper. He is not a puppet, just a very good and lawyal to Putin partner. He can influence Putin's position if wants to. He doesn't right now))

    P.S. By the way, you don't see Russian domestic news, so you can't know this fact.

    When Putin was president he controlled everything both in domestic and international level. He is a sportsman, but it was rather hard, I think. So now he is very happy to share power. Medvedev goes for international communication and overall control, while Putin is concentrated on domestic problems right now.

    It is east to see, as every one two days news show Putin travelling through country tackling domestic problems.

    so we russians think that everything is fine in that.

    Source(s): I am Russian
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    The president says 'Yes, Boss' to the Prime Minister.

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    One's the real leader and one's a puppet. Kind of like here with Bush and Cheney. Now in Russia which is which? You can go figure that out for yourself.

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    It doesn't

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