Who is an original Canadian singer or band to do a project on?

I have to do a S.S project on a famous Canadian singer or band and i was just wondering if anyone had any original ideas. THANKKSSS!

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    The Weakerthans/John K. Samson (or his former band Propagandhi) - They're great, seriously. They have poetic lyrics, great storytelling ability and simple but catchy melodies.

    Bedouin Soundclash- Canadian rock/ska/reggae/soul. It exists.

    Broken Social Scene- Masters of ambient music. Accessible (well, compared to some others) art rock.

    or the more famous The New Pornographers, Arcade Fire or Metric.

    They may not be EXTREMELY famous, but I believe they're fairly well-known, as the majority of them have won awards.

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    Rush. They're awesome.

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