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Facts about adobe Photoshop?

Hello I am a beginner in adobe Photoshop and I want to know 15 simple facts on feature this program contains If you give me 15 useful facts then i will award you with the best answer.

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    1. You can download new brushes for free to do fun effects.

    2. You can change the shape of your eraser to use on different kinds of projects.

    3. You can use layers to make animated gifs.

    4. You can put your head on someone else's body!

    5. You can give yourself a tan with the magic wand and the paint bucket.

    6. You can use the magnetic lasso to outline a piece of something.

    7. You can change the color of just about anything with the paint bucket.

    8. You can use the filters to alter you photos a little or a lot.

    9. You can fill things with glitter.

    10. You can make fun titles for other projects.

    11. You can erase something you don't want in a picture and replace it with something you do.

    12. You can smooth out things with the smooth tool.

    13. You can smudge things with the smudge tool.

    14. You can copy a document with your scanner. (automatically attached to your photoshop)

    15. You can have hours and hours of creative enjoyment.

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    Interesting Facts About Photoshop

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    Go to the help section of the program and loook it up yourself.

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