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how did the department of defense start?

i know it was founded in 1789

what was a major US event that prompted it's founding?

what are some "sub-groups" of the department?

do you know any other interesting facts about the department?

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    Originally known as the War Department, it consisted of the Department of the Army and the Navy Department. It was, and is, the apparatus by which the civilian government organizes, equips, and trains its military forces.

    The problems Congress had provisioning and controlling its forces during the Revolutionary War prompted its creation under the Articles of Confederation. Henry Knox was the first Secretary, both under the Confederation and later continued serving under Washington.

    The name was changed in 1948, concurrent with the establishment of the UN. One of the first acts a member nation must do, is acknowledge "war" as illegal. This means an aggressive war-so the legalities meant that we don't have wars anymore just defend ourselves. Ergo the name change. BTW, every other member nation changed their War Department/Ministry to "Defense" as well.

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    It started in 1947 with a merger of the War Department and the Navy Department. Those two were the ones started in 1789.

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    It was started in 1947 with the National Security Act of 1947. It was the same act that formed the CIA and the USAF. It combined everything including the War Department into what we now know as DoD.

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    It was the Department of War or War Office. In 1949, it was changed to Defense.

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