Youtube doesn't work on Internet Explorer?

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Youtube doesn't work on internet explorer. When I type it in it comes up with:- 404 Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a more
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You should download and use the Firefox browser instead.

It's much much better than IE.
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  • Jigs1_69 answered 6 years ago
    Nothing wrong with IE7 if it's not loading you tube your doing something wrong, it's much better than firefox rubbish
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  • Alan answered 6 years ago
    To be Honest, internet explorer is not my taste of good web surfing, Its slow and horrible. So I use Mozilla firefox instead. Its much faster to use and browse videos. Its a much better experience than Internet Explorer.

    Firefox is getting more popular, you should try it.

    If you like to still use Internet explorer though, try clearing all your internet cache, history, ect... out. Reset all your internet settings. If the problem still persists look in the help section or re-downloadd Internet explorer.


    For a better and easier web surfing experience heres the link for Mozilla firefox web browser:

    Trust me, its much better
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  • Ecstatic answered 6 years ago
    Go to the options menu, privacy and then clear all cookies.
    Then refresh the page.
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  • sushi gnome. answered 6 years ago
    It does,too but if u have Internet Explorer 7 it sucks. Download Mozilla Firefox, it is free and is like 8 times faster than IE.
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  • CoolShades answered 6 years ago
    I had this problem but i 5% think its the same as mine.

    I was using Speedbit's Video accelerator.

    I uninstalled it and it returned back to normal..

    I can see i wont get a best answer for this lol..
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  • taxed till i die,and then some. answered 6 years ago
    It does on my computer.
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  • everyday is a new day answered 6 years ago
    if you have iTunes you can download Safari for free its just like IE except much faster...

    But, there are no security packs like Norton on it... so be careful what sites you go on...

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  • Red Butterfly answered 6 years ago
    internet explorer is the worst browser ever thats why

    get mozilla firefox or safari
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