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    1. Wake up seven o'clock every morning. Wipe the tables, brush the floor, mop the floor with water, do the lundry, and clean front and the back belcony.

    2. find a sunny day.

    3. clean the toliets on the top floor and bottom floor ones a week.

    4. mob the stairs with water ones a week.

    5. The trash gets pick up on monday, wednesday, and friday at three o'clock in the afternoon. Before the trash gets picked up, collect all the trash from each room and tie it up into one bag and ready to go.

    6. After washing dishes after lunch and dinner, clean the stove, range hood, and wipe the dinning table with mop.

    7. separate the darker clothing and the ligter clothing. Wash them separately.

    9. Trash needs to be separate into different catagories such as paper, bottles...etc.

    10. Do NOT use homephone to call friends or family members.

    11. Do not go out individually, nor go out with friends. If wants to leave the house, need to first tell the boss.

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    1.Wake up at 7 o’clock every morning. Wipe the tables & chairs, sweep and mop the floor, laundering clothes, and clean the front & back balcony (conditionally)

    2.Find a sunny day

    3.Clean the toilets once a week including upper & lower floor.

    4.Wipe the stairs once a week.

    5.Garbage truck comes at 3 o’clock in the afternoon for every Monday, Wednesday & Friday to pick up the trash. Should collect all the trash from living room, washroom(upper & lower floor), bedroom and kitchen, tie them up into a bag and put it outside prior to garbage truck arrive.

    6.After washing dishes after every lunch and dinner, should clean the stove, range hood, dish trough and dinning table.

    7.Wash the dark color clothes separately.

    9.Separate the trash into different categories.

    10.Do not make any call to your friends or family by using phone at home.

    11.Do not go out alone, or with friends. If necessary, should tell your boss.

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