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請幫我翻譯:Notorious BIG 傳記之電影介紹




Notorious B.I.G. biopic to release in January

By: Ben White

Posted: 11/6/08

Get ready to be hypnotized: On Jan. 16, Notorious, a feature film revolving around the tumultuous and celebrated life of Biggie Smalls will hit theaters.

Heavyset Brooklyn rapper Gravy (aka Jamal Woolard) will play the part of the late great Christopher Wallace, and expectations will be understandably high for his portrayal.

Eleven years after the tragic death of the hip-hop megastar, audiences will be able to relive the epic feud between Wallace and the late Tupac Shakur, who will be played by Anthony Mackie.

Wallace's mother, Voletta, and Sean "Diddy" Combs (portrayed by Angela Basset and Derek Luke in the movie) have been involved in the biographical film from the start to ensure its accuracy and discretion. His former managers, Wayne Barrow and Mark Pitts, also offered their memories to the scriptwriters.

George Tillman, Jr. will direct what many believe will be the biggest movie of 2009.

Fox Searchlight, the production company behind the effort, held an open audition in October 2007. Jay-Z associate Beanie Sigel and singer/rapper Sean Kingston both auditioned for the lead role, but only Woolard proved big enough to land it.

"The most important element to casting B.I.G. is what we consider the swagger," Barrow said in a press release.

Though the film is set to be released in early January, a historical Dumpster for Hollywood features, the hype for Notorious has already picked up speed.

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    作者: Ben White

    張貼日期: 11/6/08

    準備好被催眠吧: 1月16日,「聲名狼藉(譯註:直譯的,如果台灣會上不一定會用這個名字)」,這部電影以大個小子有名且紛亂的一生為中心,將會在戲院上映。

    布魯克林的重型胖饒舌藝人肉汁(原名Jamal Woolard)將會扮演過世的偉大克里斯多夫.華勒斯(譯註:B.I.G.的本名),對於此演出大眾的預期非常高。

    在這位嘻哈天王不幸死亡的十一年後,觀眾可以再次體驗華勒斯與Anthony Mackie所飾演的吐派克之間,史詩般的對決。

    華勒斯的母親 Voletta與吹牛老爹Sean Combs (片中分別由 Angela Basset 與 Derek Luke所飾) 都從一開始就參與本傳記影片,以保障其準確與周到。 華勒斯的前經紀人Wayne Barrow 與 Mark Pitts, 也將他們的回憶提供給編劇者。

    George Tillman, Jr. 將導演此部許多人相信會是 2009年最大的電影。

    在這些努力背後的製片公司福斯探照燈於2007年十月舉行了公開選角。Jay-Z 的合夥人Beanie Sigel 及 歌手/饒舌藝人 Sean Kingston 都參與主角的試演,但只有 Woolard 證明他夠大隻來演出。



    Source(s): 我還蠻喜歡B.I.G.,自己翻,希望有幫到忙
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    YA! Brooklyn!!!!! 台灣應該沒片商買這部片吧.....

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