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Lean muscle and definition, how do I go about achieving this look?

Struggling to get the look Im looking for. I played juco basketball and stood 5'10, 190lbs back in May. I had a knee injury then and saw three doctors all of whom said I had a sprained knee. This month I went to a sports specialists and they said I had partially torn acl and that I wont be out that long. During the summer I was told to stay inactive and now Im at 230!! Does anybody have any suggestions to at least develop a lean look. I've always had a thick build but now I'm looking for a leaner look. Will hyrdoxycut hardcore help, what type of weightlifting program should I try, will low weight high reps help, what is considered high reps and how many sets? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    First of all, don't use Hydroxycut, or any of those weight loss pills. They damaging to your body and can have serious side effects.

    Now to achieve that look of yours? High repetitions and low weight is truly the way to go. And by high repetitions I mean 10-20 reps a set. Do 3 sets a workout. You should be very fatigued at the end. Don't be afraid to do reps till fail either! Do all the normal body work outs that you would if you wanted to gain strength. Also do a lot of running, if you can with you ACL. If not, try an elliptical machine or a bike machine. These aerobic workouts will give you nice long and lean muscles.

    Hope that helps!

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    Source(s): Fast Track Muscle Building - http://buildmuscle.oruty.com/?GCch
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    First be prepared to eat 4-6 small portioned meals a day to boost your metabolism.

    Lift weights 3-5 days a week

    Do cardio 4-6 days a week.

    It's all about diet make sure you have that down otherwise you won't see good results.

    Keep it to 7-12 reps.

    I'm just giving you some tips now because it's difficult for me to fully explain a good diet and weightlifting routine without taking too much time. Go to bodybuilding.com and search for begginer bodybuilding they will give you all the information you need if you're serious about achieving the look you want.

    Don't use hydroxycut it's total bs and does nothing but give you health probleems

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    less weight training, more cardio... skip the powders, shakes, and pills...the trips to gnc are a waist of time and money... stay away from the fats,,, and cut out the soda.... no pop!

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