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What do you do if the person who can always keep you from crying...?

is the one making you cry?

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    just let yourself cry. let your body feel the emotions t wants to. holding it in won't do any good, release your emotions. youll feel a lot better if you just let it all out.

    sometimes you need to accept things that happen, and deal with them. I don't mean that I'm a harsh way, it's just going to make you stronger and more in touch with youself.

    every event in your life serves a purpose and it always works out one way or another. and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

    I feel like that won't make sense to you, but I know what I meant. I hope you get my general message and know what I mean. that would be to just relax and know that I will be alrigt.

    Source(s): life experiences really thought me a lot about this, and I feel like I'm really in touch with myself becuase of some of these things
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    You have a problem then, no serious now. Talk to that person. THat's all you can do. Get some explanations of whatevers going on and try to work it out

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    a bit to vague to answer...

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