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I would love suggestions for what martial art(s) to choose.?

Lets see I am 19 years old at 6'2" and I stay right at 70 kg. I want to learn a standing and or ground style where speed and relaxed technique would be used over brute force and aggression.I want to learn to improve myself and become stronger all round not to just fight or brawl in the streets. Any advise on what to choose would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Wushu or Drunken style fighting. But it's hard to find an instructor for Drunken style.

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    Its more important to find a good teacher to study under than to find a particular style of MA to study. Does it make sense to search for a particular style of MAs that may or may not be available in ur area only to find out later the school is a McDojo? Not all teachers are as knowlegable as other. Just check google for a list of MA schools in ur area so u know whats available to u. Research the schools and their teachers before u decide which MA u want to study.

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    Because you're tall and lanky (tall and thin) I'd reccommend either Kick Boxing, it is a great all around technique, or Muay Thai

    Muay Thai will teach ways to defend yourself against opponents by not using your arm length to an advantage, but teaches you how to use your elbows, and knees against clinches.

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    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , also called the gentle art , using your opponents own force and leverage against him. For striking I would suggest western boxing or Muay Thai but those are anything but relaxed , very hardcore , physical and in your face.

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    Taekwondo. More specifically Songahm Taekwondo. I loved it when I was in it. Really tight-nit group. Great people. Great tournaments. It's under the ATA. They have outlets all across the United States. Just do a search on ATA.

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    Don't let other people tell you what to take. Go to those schools, watch then decide what you like. If you are going to invest your money and time, then take the time to make sure.

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    i do Chito Ryu Karate and we focus on speed and stance as well as using your opponents power and aggression against them. for example, someone throws a reverse punch at you and you grab it while he's still punching and use his momentum to take him down. We also do a lot of ground fighting to get out of sticky situations.

    Source(s): 1st Kyu Brown Belt with Black Tip (grading for my Black Belt in May!)
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    Hm, try Kodokan Judo. It focuses on using your opponent's force against them.

    Source(s): Black belt 1st dan in Judo.
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    i'm not sure where you live but if they have it in your area, shim shin do is a great art. You should definatly look into it. it's first american martial art and it combines all kinds of things from different arts.

    Source(s): i'm a black belt.
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    im going to give them in order of what i would choose 1 being the best

    1 krav maga

    2 mma

    3 muay thai

    4 judo

    5 sambo

    6 bjj, brazilian jujitsu

    if you think this is best answer please give it to me

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