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what are professional journal articles?

other than Newsweek.


nvm I found an an article at Ladies home journal =]

Update 2:

oh k thanks

Update 3:

is there a free site...most sites you gotta pay??

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    Newsweek is not a professional journal--it is a newsmagazine.

    An example of a professional journal is JAMA--the Journal of the American Medical Association. There are tons and tons of professional journals out there, for every field you can imagine, and the articles they publish tend to be about some study someone did, the methodology they used, the size of the sample they surveyed, the margin of error, the results, and they conclude with a discussion.

    For example, there might be journal called Adolescence, which contains articles by professors about adolescence--adolescent drug use, adolescent performance on standardized tests, etc.

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    frequently you need to pay for those magazine databases, yet a college library will merely approximately continually have an digital subscription to professional journals. or much extra advantageous, college libraries usually have a subscription to the genuinely print magazine, so yeah. i don't understand approximately public libraries. merely ask a librarian. they're there for a reason.

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