will i get rehired or even paid?

I got hired at a rubber recycling plant today, i'm to start Nov 17/08. My concern is after I was offered the job I am now told I will be starting training but expect to be laid off after two weeks. The company told me I will be working until December, then off for up to a whole month!. I was told to budget well and if I have a p/t job or anything to hold onto it. They also said they will rehire us for Jan/09. I'm just nervous about this, because I really need a job my money is running out. Whats also strange is upon hire they did not even ask for my SIN card or info. They did give me an employment offer in writing though, but I am to sign it and return it if i accept the position. I just walked out after he congratulated me and handed me the letter of offer of employment, he did not ask me to sign it there and give it to him. And since they did not take my sin?. I am starting Nov/17/08 night shift, is it best to phone during the day before i start to mention the fact that they dont even have my SIN card or any info?, and the letter signed and returned. They just said I have the job and that's it. I also worry because they hired at least 8 of us and the company seemed to have hardly any employees i noticed. Also I noticed online some pictures of the company i am going to work for that were taken Nov 2nd, the place was abandoned. Is it possible this company is not doing well and they just fired and now hired us and will lay uf off and either not rehire us or even worse not pay us after they use us for two weeks then let us go till jan/09. I asked if it was gauranteed that i will be rehired for Jan/09, the boss said yes, as long as I work out of course. Is it worth risking taking this job?, please help. I only have enough cash for Dec rent and a little left over. Is it best maybe to work temp agencies instead of accept this job offer?, it makes me nervous because how do i know they will rehire me, also they didnt take my sin card or info. This company is very big though. But if it is closing down they can just use us and not pay or rehire, correct?.


I have talked to many people who think the company is in the process of closing. they legally do not have to pay us if they go bankrupt. they have already hired me there is no possibility of filling out more paper work before i start my shift on nights, they havent even taken any sin card info etc. the company changed there name recently as well. they are recruiting many people only to hire and say in 2 weeks we will lay you off then rehire. but they dont even have our sin card etc how do they know we are even legally able to work in canada. the company was empty not alot of workers, also they were abandoned and not in operation on nov 2/08. i think they probably laid off many workers and they hired us at lower wages to finish off the remaining two weeks of work they have left. then they dont have to pay us, they dont even have our banking info or sin card info as they claimed they were going to process when they hired us, they didn't. i feel i will be paid at the end

Update 2:

i feel i wont be paid at the end is what i meant. they are just probably using us. 30% of the rubber is from the automotive industry and they are also not doing well. they also claimed they did almost close recently but they found a buyer. the fact that they didnt care to take any oid or info just a resume, and not have us sign and return the employment offer letter is sketchy to me. the company looks like it will close also. and i dont believe the risk is worth it to not get paid or possibly not get hired. the place is also a bad work environment and with health hazards. i worry with the economy this company is going down and just using us to finish helping them close. when i start on a weekday i wont get to fill any paper work on my night shift. i will just have to start work. i will not work if they dont have my sin card or my banking info, etc. this is not proper. its before xmas i don't have alot of money, only decembers rent and a couple hundred!. I might consider temp agencies.

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    If you need the money tell your employer to pay you on a daily basis. I mean after work get the pay / money. If they don’t want just leave it and find another job or you can ask a legal advice from the ministry of labour to know whether the company is registered.

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    I think you're getting the cart before the horse with all this worrying. First, they will probably have you fill out some employee paperwork on your first day - emergency contact info, an I-9 form, etc and they will likely ask for your SS card and ID at this time because they have to verify it on their part of the I-9 form anyway - so be sure to take your ID & SS card with you when you report to work. It is not unusual for the one who interviews and hires you not to be the one who completes this paperwork. Second, many plants close down at least part of the month of December and lay off all or most of their employees and start back up again after the holidays. They do this for several reasons - one to give their employees the holidays off but since they can't afford to give everyone a paid vacation at the same time, they close down and let them draw unemployment for a week or two or whatever. Another reason is that most plants have some serious inventory to do at the end of the year and they cannot get an accurate count if the plant is up and running so they close it down and have a skeleton crew of veteran employees do the inventory - this can take days or weeks depending upon the plant. If you know anyone who has worked at the plant for a while ask them if this is how they did things at the end of the year in previous years. If you don't know anyone who works there, you might ask someone in a neighboring business - say a nearby convenience store - if they know whether it is standard practice for this plant to close during the month of December or not. That might help put your mind at ease a little. And as for the plant being deserted when the photos were taken on the 2nd - does the plant even operate on Sundays? My guess is that they don't. My suggestion to you is to take the job and the layoff and expect to be called back in January. There are no guarantees with anyone regarding employment with our economy right now - any business could end up closing their doors, but it does seem to me that this might be standard practice for this plant so try not to worry about it so much. Also, if you had a job until recently, you might be eligible for unemployment benefits during December too. You wouldn't draw off your 2 weeks of work with this company like the other employees who will be laid off. You would draw off your work with previous employers - likely those you worked for between Oct of last year and Sep of this year. In most states, if you worked during 2 of those 4 quarters then you are eligible when you get laid off at your new job - even if it is only 2 weeks after you start. Be sure to check it out with your local employment office. Depending on your recent work history, it might not be a lot of money each week but will help you hang on until you are recalled in January.

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    Well sounds like one thing you're worried about is the SIN card. Can you call them and say 'hey was I supposed to turn in my SIN card?'

    I don't think many companies hire duing the holidays so it may be best to work for this company during the holidays.

    Who knows, business may pick up and they may ask you to work full time starting in January. I understand that they want to see how you work out first. That's not unusual.

    Try getting a part-time job. Sounds like you're working the night shift so finding a part-time job during the day should not be too hard. Also sounds like you're not working everyday.

    You said you have some extra money. Save your money, work, and try to enjoy the holidays.

    If it does not work out then look for work in January. More companies should be hiring then.

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