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i need to know why was theodore roosevelt likeable quick i am in class right now!!!!!!

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    Theodore Roosevelt is often credited with founding and shaping the modern American presidency. With his appointment of Oliver Wendell Holmes to the Supreme Court of the United States, Roosevelt also set in motion a force that would transform the judiciary. However, it did not go as Roosevelt had planned. Holmes' refusal to conform to Roosevelt's desires in Northern Securities Co. v. United States demonstrated that Holmes was his own man and not Roosevelt's instrument. The decision brought an abrupt halt to what had been becoming a close friendship between the two men. Over the years the rift deepened. The bitterness that grew between them reflected more than a difference of opinion over law and economic principles; it reflected the type of disillusionment that comes only when a friend fails to live up to expectations.

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    Here is quote on Theodore Roosevelt likeable treats:

    Historian Thomas Bailey, who disagreed with Roosevelt's policies, nevertheless concluded, "Roosevelt was a great personality, a great activist, a great preacher of the moralities, a great controversialist, a great showman. He dominated his era as he dominated conversations....the masses loved him; he proved to be a great popular idol and a great vote getter." His image stands alongside Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln on Mount Rushmore. Roosevelt has been consistently ranked by scholars as one of the greatest U.S. Presidents.

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    He is most famous for his personality: his energy, his vast range of interests and achievements, and his "cowboy" personality. Originating from a story from one of Roosevelt's hunting expeditions, Teddy bears are named after him.

    He was against corrupt, illegal practices. He was a very responsibleand learned man of great justice.

    He was the first American to be awarded the Nobel Prize, winning its Peace Prize in 1906, for negotiating the peace in the Russo-Japanese War,

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    he was enthusiastic on most things almost to the extreme.He genuinely liked people,he was a major force in starting the national park service.He as president Truly tried to help the common folks

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    war hero , teddy and the rough riders

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    he wouldn't shoot a bear, thats how the teddy bear was created - named after him


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