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wLb129 asked in Food & DrinkOther - Food & Drink · 1 decade ago

Should GMO foods require labeling?

I think they should. We are eating it without our knowledge unless you can afford to buy all organic that is the only way to avoid it. We are all just like test subjects/lab rats right now. No one knows the effects consuming these GMO will have on our health in the future. I don't want to eat weed killer in my soy!

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    1 decade ago
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    yes they should be labeled and one has to ask if GMO's are so great why are they not labeled?

    But you don't need to buy eat organic to avoid GMO's all you need to do is to not eat any processed foods. Avoid anything made with canola, corn, soy, cottonseed and now beet sugar. Very few of the whole foods we see in the grocery store is GMO. Papaya's are an exception. There used to be potatoes and tomatoes but these are no longer grown commercially because they were such failures.

    here is something sent to me that will help all of us avoid GMO's when our produce starts being fooled with


    Ever wonder what those annoying little numbered stickers are on your produce?

    They list PLU codes (Price Look-Up codes) that allow retailers to manage inventory.

    Though the stickers often leave a residue and are a pain to peel off, they can be used

    to quickly determine if that banana you're about to buy is organic, conventional or, gasp,

    genetically altered. The base codes are usually 4 digits long and specify a particular type

    of produce. If the code has a 9 prefix, it's organic; if it's an 8, then it's genetically

    engineered: 4011 (conventional banana), 94011 (organic banana), 84011 (GE banana).

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