Ghost Adventures...??

I was watching the new episode..and they had an evp where they heard I hate Zak..... i honestly didn't freaking hear that..did any of you ???? and How do you think this show compares to Ghost Hunters (TAPS)....??

Update:'re right, even on taps they have evp's where i don't agree with what they think it said... and taps never runs....

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    1 decade ago
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    TAPS are a very scientific bunch. And they're in it to disprove a haunting as much as they're there to find evidence of one. Not many other paranormal investigators on TV compare to that.

    I've only seen 1 episode of Ghost Adventures. The lead guy was screaming at the "ghost" a lot...and I mean A LOT. Provoking is one thing but this guy sounded stupid. And most of the time they were scared of what they saw & heard and couple times even ran away.

    One thing Jason & Grant have said, they DO NOT run away.

    EVP's can be nice pieces of evidence, but many times it's what one person perceives as hearing. If you notice, even on TAPS, if someone can't make out what it says and another person says what they think it says, the first person will say, oh yeah that's it. That's the power of suggestion. Many times TAPS have said an EVP said one thing and I thought it clearly said another.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I didn't hear it either, I hate when they have music playing in the back ground that covers up sounds that they swear to here. Ghosthunters Is 10 times better

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  • 1 decade ago

    i ve never watched it but ghost hunters is pretty good though you should watch paranormal state its like 10 times better and the guy is kinda cute!!!! im a nerd for paranormal shows ha ha!!!

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