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Fish to put in my 55 gallon tropical fish tank?

I have 2 neon and 3 platy and I set up my 55 gallon tank, I had a 10 gallon but I upgraded. What fish could I put in my 55 gallon tank? and how many. Thanks guys


I ment 2 guppies and 3 platy, im thinking of getting like 8 neons or more

Update 2:

the fish tank has already been set up for like a month, so don't give me this talk about the cycle because I know it by hear

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    well by sounds of it u have a 240 litre tank now,,, this is good but do u really wanna keep borin guppies????

    this is time u have the choice to go for the bigger fish such as say 3 torpedo barbs when they fully grown???

    if you ever see these at full size trust me u will be hooked,,

    i have 10 with my discus and they are stunning

    in ur size tank try 3 with some rainbows and u wont be dissapointed i assure u

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  • 4 years ago

    Plecos or loaches like clowns or yoyos are usually good choices for big fish in a small-fish tank. They're plant-eating and don't bother other inhabitants. I would strongly recommend putting bogwood in your tank and providing lots of plants, and feeding algae and plants at least once a day. Loaches tend to school, so I would stick with the pleco if you're going to go this route. Alternatively, an angelfish community, with paired angelfish, some larger tetras like rummy noses or cardinals or congos, or some livebearers like platies or mollies, and some bottom-feeders like, again, loaches, plecos, corydoras (tiny!), or otos (even tinier!). Try to avoid going too small (stick with fish that are two inches or more), or else your tiny fish will become a snack for the angels. Some ideas for your tiny fish: Neon tetras Cardinal tetras Rummy-nose tetras Harlequin rasboras Dwarf rasboras Corydoras catfish Otoclinus Glowlight tetras Zebra danio (nippy) Black Skirt Tetra (nippy) Cherry barbs That's some of the most common ones. I would recommend visiting your local fish stores and picking and choosing which ones you like the look of, and then going home and researching all of them. A good source to start on research is the Aquarium Wiki.

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  • mimi
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    you know it by hear? what gender are the guppies? i would suggest getting 3 females for every male, same with the platys, neons are usally peaceful fish but be careful....most community fish will eat the tails off your guppies

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  • PeeTee
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    The first living things in your new tank should be bacteria,learn about fishless cycling and don't dump a bunch of new fish into an uncycled tank and kill them.

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