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xtz and cok-n legal drugs?

what is this stuff i see people all over the internet going nuts over legal drugs that have the same as other drugs (ecstasy, cocaine) but isn't illegal. Is it not illegal yet cause it is new and it takes time to criminalize it? i sure hope they take this crap off the internet and off the streets


BTW i hate drugs their the reason society is getting destroyed

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    Stuff like ecstasy is the reason society is getting destroyed? You pigs really need to take a long hard look at society and see that illegal drugs aren't what's destroying it. It's people like you who are tearing it down piece by piece.

    To answer your question, this "XTZ" and "Cok-N" stuff is the real nasty stuff. It's ten times worse than the illegal drugs it replaces. The chemicals in "legal ecstasy" like BZP or mcPP create "rolling-like" feelings that give you a nasty hangover the day after. The chemicals are illegal in most countries, I think pretty much everywhere except New Zealand.

    If the harmless drugs weren't illegal (ecstasy, marijuana, shrooms, acid, other soft drugs), they would be a lot safer. If they were regulated, maybe they wouldn't be cut with so much horrible **** like speed and meth, and the community would greatly benefit. People like you have put us in a position where us, the drug users, have to take those risks because you're too full of yourselves to allow us access to chemicals that actually would better our lives (expand our minds vs dull the "pain of our existence"). Instead you legalize things like alcohol and tobacco. And if anyone knows how to play the system right (and it's way too easy) they have complete access to a wide range of opiates, benzos and amphetamines which are completely legal (thanks to prescription happy doctors). All of which, from alcohol to Xanax are considered hard drugs because of their potential for abuse (you know, people like alcoholics and painkiller addicts (like Cindy McCain, but you don't give a damn because it's legal to be addicted to Percocet and Vicodin)). Think on that.

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    Rock N Roll

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    Amen to post above me.

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