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brighter eyes? 10pts! =D?

so i was wondering how i can make my eyes pop and shine. I have plain dark brown eyes that are on the verge of looking black and I want them to look brighter or more noticeable at least!! please and thank you!!!

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    This is what you can do.

    1.) put white eyeliner around your eyes, very thin lines.

    2.) put concealer everywhere around your eyes except on the eyeliner.

    3.)take your finger and smudge the eyeliner just a tad.

    4.)take bright eyeshadow that matches your outfit, and lightly brush towards the outer of your eyeked( up and out!)

    then use a tan on your lower eyebrow bone.

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    One thing that people commonly mess up in their makeup is their eyeliner. Using too much eyeliner (dark especially) will actually make your eyes look a lot smaller. If you have dark eyes and dark skin, I would suggest a dark brown-black eyeliner. Only use a tiny bit on the top and then use mascara on the bottom. But only apply the mascara to the roots of the lashes, otherwise you will look like you have giant spider legs hanging down from your eyes. If you have light skin, use a brown mascara so the colour doesn't look too harsh against your fair colour. However, if you have olive or dark skin, use a dark colour of mascara like black. If you have brown eyes, you should also wear eyeshadow that compliments your eye colour. Chocolate, lavender, grape, and various shades of brown will make your eyes stand out. Almay cosmetics have a line of makeup that is your people with brown eyes. Just a tip, do not use liquid eyeliner if you want your eyes to look big and natural! Also search Sephora for the colours of makeup that I suggested to you.

    Best of luck,


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    How To Do Letter 'V' Technique For Prefect Eyes Every Time

    Make UpEver saw someone's eye makeup and wondered just how did they do it? Eyes with an prefect 'V' using only two colors? It's not as hard as you may think. What you need to create your own perfect eyes using the 'V' technique are:

    Two coordinating colors * one light and one darker

    The two coordinating colors are for the 'V' for the rest of your eyes to help make this look complete are:

    A third color such as a matte white to apply under your brow line to truly open up your eyes.

    One blending makeup brush

    One basic makeup brush

    Here is the whole article and you 'll get the tip to do your required eye make up

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    First, use your facial moisturizer. If you have any dark circles, cover it up with any skin tone concealer by lightly dabbing. Next purchase a yellow concealor for dark circles around the eyes. You can purchase it almost anywhere that sells makeup! Ask somebody who works there if you can't find it. It will resemble a tube of lipstick. Dab the concealer on and it will gone in seconds already giving your eyes a dramatic difference!

    Next purchase either white glimmer powder eye shadow or a golden-bronze glimmer powder eye shadow. (Golden-bronze is my favorite!) Dab and blend starting at the inner crease of your eye (closest to your nose) going outwards.On your upper eye, stop at the middle. One the lower eye, go all the way to the end of the eye! Blend well to look natural and keep the shadow close to the eye! You wouldn't want to look like a scary teenage girl from the 80's! The aim is to make your natural beauty glow! Next purchase a brown powdered plain eye shadow (no glimmer) or a reddish-brown plain eye shadow (no glimmer). (I favor reddish-brown!) The upper corner of your eye farthest from your nose should have no color right now. Use the brown shadow and guide it into the middle towards the gold or white shadow. LIGHTLY blend the colors to join in the middle so that it looks natural when your eyes are closed. Next grab black mascara and lightly brush at the root of your lashes up and out towards your ears! 3-4 strokes should do the trick. You will be seeing the cleopatra look that many makeup artists strive to achieve but it will look more natural!

    Blush also helps the eyes to pop! Purchase a blush brush and blush that matches your skin tone color. You can look it up on google. My skin is fairly tan and I use a plum colored blush. Dab the brush in the powder and blow on it. This will prepare the powder to evenly distribute on your skin. Next, make a kissy face. You will now see your cheekbones prominently. Glide the brush lightly over the entire cheekbone starting from the corner near your eye and ear DOWN to the apple of the cheek. Also lightly apply on the tip of your nose, on your forehead, and chin. This technique will dramatically radiate the shape of your face which is one more technique to give off a tone of natural beauty!

    For a night look you can use black or dark brown eyeliner not outside the eye, but inside the eye under the roots of your top lashes! Guide the pencil and lightly trace starting from the inner crease to the end of the eye. It may take a while to get used too if you've never tried it. I look up as I apply. It will also lightly go on your lower eye as you blink which gives more definition so DON'T put any on your lower eye.

    You will now have cat-eyes/cleopatra sultry eyes but they will look more natural then fake which is way more attractive! Remember to always blend well and never exaggerate makeup so you don't look like a pornstar! The best advice I can give is to drink plenty of water every day. Avoid liquids that reduce your water intake such as tea or coffee. And last but certainly not least, take CARE of your skin! If you do, it will give off a healthy glow! Here is some advice for a moisture rich technique I provided for a woman and she loved it, it may help you too!

    Best wishes and good luck!

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    Well this is going to sound really stupid but you should use eye drops

    like use grab something flat and but like 2 drops of your eye drops it doesn't matter what kind then dip your brush in the eye drops and then into your eyeshadow and apply :] you should try a purple eyeshadow with it

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    you have GOT to try Lilacs by Pink Pineapplz!! This shade of Purple was MADE for dark brown eyes!! Try the positively Pink for your highlighting color up to your brow! Then use their Long and Luscious mascara to really add pop to eyelashes!

    Source(s): click on catalog and you will find everything in there!
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    OMG i have dark brown eyes and believe me, they look black!

    I use white eye liner on my water line, black liner lining my lower lashes (under the white liner). Then use an off white eyeshadow on ur crease and a little more above it. Put dark brown eyeshadow on ur lower eye rim to make it look smoky on the bottom. liquid black liner lining ur top lid and fanning it out on ur corners, not too thick tho. black mascara with lots of volume, and black liner on ur top inner lid waterline. BAM big looking eyes! i do this every morning! try it out!

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    Sorry I don't have it but why don't you try a tester of it. It could look completely different on you and it depends on the depth that is put on.

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    Use bright eye shadows, and find a mascara that extends your eyelashes and makes them look thicker.

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    you can use white eyeliner on your bottom lid of your eye. You can also take eyeshadow on your eyelid n bring it down on the bottom of your lid.

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