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im so ANGRY right now...grrr?

ok i have just gone into a MAJOR mood, cz i feel lke cutting my nails because they;re annoying me. the nail scissors are usually left in the bathroom, and they have the audacity to DISSAPEAR! so im asking where the fudge they are and no-one knows! ive threw draws out and searched evrywhere for these bloody scissors and they arent in sight! now im really angry and i just want to punch something sooooo badly!! my nails are annoying me now and i cant stop looking at them!!!!

2bh i HATE it when pople rearrange the bloody house and never tell you where anything is! i mean if your gunna move something to another place, at least f*cking REMEMBER where you put it!!! im sorry about this rant but i am feeling explosive right now, and i was in a good mood until this happend, laughing away at videos on youtube grr!!!

how can i calm down and get over this minor annoyance?? lol


lol it is really pathetic how this annoys me so much, i always just get really angry especailly when people rearrange stuff lol. but yh saying do drugs and cut yourself is kinda dumb. i know like this is no where near bad what has happend but i have a short fuse and i apologize.

trust me on this.. i can repress and repress all my annoyances and even when im happy and hyper one minor annoyance will just make me fly off the handle LOL. terrible really.

Update 2:

lol sorry but im not rippping or biting toe nails!!! scissors or its a no no thankyou v.much. even if they cut if they are edgy i will go MAD! lol.

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    deep breath, calm music, maybe a book or something to remind yiu that if this is the worse complaint you have, then you have it pretty good. Single moms, families laid off, houses repossessed, this isn't too bad in the overall scheme of things. Think big picture.

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    Maybe by expressing yourself in typing this you've calmed down some? I went to a support group this morning and the topic was....mastering resentments. I chose that topic because I struggle with anger issues that turn into resentment. It helped to hear other's struggles with resentments.

    This particular support group was a 12-step group, but there was a support group that I went for awhile specifically geared for people getting upset at trivial things. It's called Recovery ....their website is to see if your community has a group. It helped alot. The thing about trivial matters is that we don't think they're trivial, and we end up making mountains out of moleholes. Take care and good luck.

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    While farting may relieve stress temporarily, the best solution would be to not let anything affect you, a characteristic that could take a lifetime to achieve.

    In the meantime, a sharp knife, dangerous, but effective. Or, bite or rip them...yeah it's gonna ruin your teeth or make your nails edgy, but if they're really upsetting you anything goes.

    Or, do something else. has made countless hours disappear, especially the driving one.

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    Just keep watching the videos for awhile and when you calm down then ask some one where are the nail clippers. But cool down first! The next time you go to a store buy your own nail clippers and keep them in your own room.

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    to tell u the truth,u make me laugh,u'r really funny.anywayz i totally understand coz i get into these minor situations and i feel the same way.i don't actually know how 2 cheer u up.but i think maybe a few jokes will help.SO HERE GOES:(u might know them already,so don't punch me)lol


    a week later u burp out a butterfly!


    becoz they come with they're own scales. (i like this 1)


    becoz seven ate nine. (second favourite)

    well i've tried! if u liked my idea give me best answer

    cya xxxxx

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    listen to your favorite song when ever im depressed or mad i always turn on my favorite songs and let them play and just sit in my room in silence

    or go for a nice long walk and turn off your cellphone and just walk until you feel exhausted

    oh and if you want to know a good song to listen to i always love the song Beautiful U R by Deborah cox it really cools me down when im at work dealing with asshole customers

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    i suggest you ask the person who rearranged the house where they could be. if he/she doesnt know, then calm down and find the patience to go and look for them. they might still be near/around the bathroom since they are always there. just calm down and look for them. or you could just buy another set if you absolutely cant find them.

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    Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Remind yourself that it isn't the end of the world and then click on the link in my sources of additional information. (especially if the whole deep breaths thing doesn't work.)

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    Watch tv! Play with an animal! Take a nap!

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    Remember to calm down as it will cause you to become more frustrated. These things happen however little or small

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