I can solve all of the Economic Problems, Do you think my plan will work?

The establishment of another branch of armed forces to deal with war on energy,"The Energy Force"- To be equal in power to existing branches of armed forces,Army,Navy,Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard.

This new force will be tasked with and funded to convert our nation to a "greener" place. (once operational,designed to be self-funding)EX:

Construction of alternative energy stations nationwide (conversion of existing service stations using oil)Collection of revenues from Green Energy will be The Energy Force's Job.

All US held automobile manufacturers will be seized and converted by Energy Force to build Electric, Hydrogen fuel cell cars.

The use of Gasoline and petroleum-based fuels will be outlawed and replaced by Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by 2010.

All troops and diplomats withdrawn from middle east and oil war areas by 2010.

All debts repaid to China and other nations by 2010

Every American Citizen as of 2010 allowed to stay in country with full health care benefits, all others must leave.

My Presidency will legalize marijuana and scientifically exploit all industrial aspects of this plant.

I will lift ban of stem cell research and enthusiastically fund any research that can better mankind's ability to heal disease.

Any adult in good standing legally can commit to any other adult as they see fit for purposes of marriage in any state or protectorate of the US.

US Energy Force will be responsible for all of the nation's energy needs, there will no longer be an open market for energy and power, as this will be the sole area of focus for new Force.

Under this authority, all Power companies (Consolidated Edison,etc...) will become the property of the Energy Force. Wind Generators will be constructed nationwide and offshore where wind abound.Solar arrays, wave farms,all viable alternative sources of Energy will be studied and used. All of this infrastructure will be run by enlistees of this new Force.

All teenage students who wish to get a vehicle when they turn 14 may join the Energy Force as early as 10 years old. All Americans who wish to own a vehicle for personal use, must do work for Energy Force to earn a vehicle and a license.

All roads and highways in this country will be outfitted for autopilot as there will be 0 tolerance for automobile accidents,deaths,injuries, etc.

All transportation to be computer controlled and free for all who join Energy Force.

The new jobs in all areas of converting and maintaining new transportation systems will generate millions of jobs.All Commercial and private transportation will be regulated by Energy Force.

In our country, all citizens will be provided with free transportation for any purpose as long as they are a contributing reservist in the Energy Force.

The Energy Force will be set up like conventional military with schools, housing, basic training, full health benefits,recruiting offices and facilities for public education.

Once one joins Energy Force they are a member of that branch of the armed forces until they wish to stop driving or using energy.

Every Us Citizen will be eligible to join the Energy Force, including those who are in jail. It is hoped that many can be released to work towards building new American Energy plan.

If elected President I will make it so the voting age is lowered to and a part of joining Energy Force at 10years old.

Everyone in this country can contribute to a greener country, those who are too old or too feeble to work will be given classes in how to conserve. A Big part of the Energy Force will be using today's youth to be involved with our elders and disabled in community programs promoting Energy Independence.

I will promote the arts and sciences more than the religious groups, and I WILL welcome all helpful input towards stated goals.

The Energy force will take us out of our troubles and fix things as they should be.

The United States will be free of many bad things if you elect me:

No more electric bills

No more gas bills

No more transportation worries ( all who join Energy Force earns vehicle)

No more traffic accidents ( Road network fixed with Autopilot interface stripes in pavement)

No more Deaths by car

No more highway noise zones near neighborhoods (hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are quiet and clean)

No more failing US Auto Companies

No More Failing Airlines

No more war for oil ( hopefully no more U.S. bullying of oil countries, thus less terrorism etc... World Peace?)

No more oil dependency

No more Gasoline vehicles

No more Greenhouse gases

No more stupid arrests for Cannabis

No more people dying who could have been helped by banned research in medicine

No more military relying on taxes for funding

No more national deficit

No more debt to foreign countries

No more uninsured Americans

No more illegal aliens

No more interaction with Middle Eastern Countries

No more threats to destroy pristine wilderness areas for obsolete oil below surface.

No more mistrea

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Where Do I vote?

  • 4 years ago

    50 million people each getting 1 million dollars is 50 trillion dollars. That's about 4 years of GDP, about 15 years of the total federal budget, or 20 years of federal tax revenue. Got any other ideas?

  • 1 decade ago

    The money for all these things has to come from somewhere what are you gonna do tax the hell out of people til their broke. " Hey we're gonna take all of your bills away but take that money from you with taxes" It is way to dramatic and kind of socialist.

  • Socialist. Some of it looked good, then you became crazy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe you have too much time on your hands

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sorry but, it will never work.

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