Does anyone speak Somali?

Please tell me some Somali conjuctions. words like, he she, it, i we you our on in at how when where why please...... generaly i need words that are used so often in a conversation

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    I can only help you with so much. Although I'm Somali, I don't speak the language fluently. You basically want to be taught Somali which is really difficult in one post. I suggest you talk with some Somalis in Somali, ask them to teach you some sentences. Experiment once you know a few and try to form your own sentences using what you've learned here and there. That's the best way to learn a language and Somali is a pretty easy language to pick up if you have the accent for it.

    Anyway, here's some common words:

    Haah - "yes"

    Iyo - "and"

    Maya or May (pronounced like "my - ah" or "my") - "no"

    Maalin wanagsan - Good morning

    Habayn wanagsan - Good night

    Iska waran - How are you

    Say tahay - How are you

    To be honest, I'm kind of too tired to type up so many words, so I'll redirect you to some helpful websites that'll teach you more than any post can.

    This one has many Somali-English quizzes. Just pick a category and guess what a word means. Don't worry if you don't know, if you pick wrong it shows you the correct answer but it's good to build your knowledge and practise:

    This isn't a great site but does have some match the picture with the Somali word quizzes. They show you the answer after you click "check":

    This is perhaps the most helpful site. It shows Somali sentences and teaches you what it means and what the verb is. There's a lot of useless information but just scroll down the page for the good stuff. :)

    This is also helpful. It shows you how to pronounce words spelled in Somali (like I did above, they're written in the Latin alphabet like English), and a few sentences. Overall, very helpful:

    Similar to the site linked above:

    This one explains some Somali word articles that are commonly used like "ku" and "la" and also shows how to conjugate verbs:

    A directory of vocabulary quizzes where you are shown the meaning of the words, and then you have to play a game:

    Online flashcards of numbers and basic words in Somali. You can take a quiz (option to do so is at the bottom of the page:

    This is an EXTREMELY useful link. Scroll down the page and click any section you want. It teaches you basic words, verbs, conjugation, how to form sentences and phrases:

    Choose "Familiarize" to learn phrases and sentences, and "Learn" and "Test" to test your knowledge:

    That's all I can find but I hope it helps. In cities where there tends to be large numbers of Somalis like Atlanta, Minneapolis, or Toronto, there are some Somali variety stores in districts that are populated by Somalis. Go into one and ask for a simple book so that you can practice what you've learned. But it might take a long while before you get to that level. It's also useful to learn some Somali proverbs and poetry as they are very popular among indigenous Somali speakers. Somali music is very poetic and it might be worthwhile to listen to some of it once you become fluent. :)

    Source(s): Some links I couldn't fit above: Good for nouns and verbs: This does not teach you sentence structure, but provides complex Somali sentences and a translation. I only recommend this when you've acquired a much greater knowledge of Somali:
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    Iska Waran

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    as i am Somali. i really love those who are willing to learn other languages then their mother tongue. specially those who want to learn Somali language. because it makes easy to live together and to share culture languages and everything possible.

    when i see foreigner which speaking Somali language i am really excited. like this woman who is singing a Somali song

    Youtube thumbnail

    i think our other friends helped you much. but i would say you and those others who learning Somali language and also other language keep learning.

    thanks a lot

    Source(s): the video is from youtube chanell as you see which owner's username is called (xusuusonline)
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    I =aniga


    she =iyada

    we=anaga or inaga (you can say both)


    you (singular)=adiga









    ords that are used so often in a conversation

    Iska waran or ka wran xaldada or maxaad sheegtay= how are you (x in somali we pronounce it like hhaa ( ح)

    nabad= good, peace

    Source(s): I'm somali
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    Waa Mahad Santahay=Thank You






    These are all I know sorry.

    Source(s): Not native toungue, but know a little
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