Getting my CNA (certified nurse's aid)- Specific Shoes Needed?

I just got accepted into a CNA course. When going for my interview, the lady told me (at least I think) that I need "close-toed shoes with a heel strap."

The only close-toed shoes WITH a heel strap that I could find are those horrible crocs. Those ones that have holes like swiss cheese and look like they're made out of foam and come in many colors. I cannot STAND those.

Does anyone know if she meant that they had to be both close-toed and shoes with a heel strap? Why aren't slip-resistant tennis shoes acceptable? Or are they?

And if not, are there any other shoes out there that fit this description and where can I find them? Thank you for your help!

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    All she is saying that you cannot wear shoes where your toes show or slip-on shoes where your foot could fall out.

    You need to get a good white, padded shoe because you will be walking and standing a lot and want good foot protection - think of those ugly crocs.....if someone pees or spills blood on you, it will leak through those little holes.

    Get shoes that fit well and are comfortable

    I bought white nurse shoes from KMart once. Also, check out local medical supply stores.

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    google it. and alos dont follow that link that one guy sent you he posted the same thing on my question and i got a virus on my computer but thank goodness i have three lol

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    Rubber soled. One left and one right.

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