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How popular would the following names be in America and other countries?

I live in Ireland and I'm doing work experience in a playschool and here are the names of the children that attend there.





Michaela - I don't know exactly how her name is spelled

Crea - I don't know how her name is spelled but it's pronounced Cree-a

Pixie - I don't know if that's her real name.


Niamh - Pronounced Neev

Eimear or Emer - Pronounced E-mer - I don't know how her name is spelled



Killian and Cillian - there's two





I'm not pregnant and I don't plan on calling any of my future kids any of them names. I just wanted to knocountriespular they are in America or any other countries other than Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.



They are from the ages 2 y/o up to 5 y/o

Update 2:

knocountriespula was not supposed to be in there. Sorry. My annoying laptop!!

Update 3:

All of the children are caucasion.

Update 4:

How have I chosen them? I really wish people would READ the details before answering. I'm NOT pregant and I wouldn't call any of my future kids any of those names as I already have the names planned out.

I also don't know what TJ is short for...if anything

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    I know several Rachel and Leah's, but then again I'm in a predominantly Jewish community and they are the Americanized version of traditional Jewish names. Michaela (also from Hebrew) seemed to be very popular a few years ago but appears to be waning now- regardless it's a very pretty and classical name, and I don't know that I would have called it 'over' used.

    I don't know of any Ebony's and have never heard Crea. Pixie is cute but I don't know any, I've known one each of Ne'ev (different spelling, same pronunciation) and one Emer but the parents were not American. Tori is a very common nickname for Victoria, I've known several.

    The boy names you've listed, I have heard each of them several times, with Michael being the most common and probably Kevin coming second after that.

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    The ones I've heard a good bit are Rachel, Michael, Kyle, and Kevin are very popular.

    Ebony, Leah, Michaela, Tory and Killian are on the verge of being popular but are more rare than the above ones.

    All the others are pretty unique, except for maybe TJ, that is probably short for something else, that is common also.

    I worked at a photography studio in the states so I have heard just about every name in the book. People can get pretty creative.

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    In the US, when a baby is born he/she gets a Social Security number. The Social Security Administration has a web site where you can check to see how popular a name is in a given year. You can check out each of those names here

    From personal experience (I have been a mom for 29 years plus I have provided child care in my home for 21 years), I can tell you about a few of those names. Rachel is a pretty common name for girls in the US as is Leah and various spellings of the name Michaela. Tory is not uncommon and there has been a few Ebony's that I know of. Crea, Niamh, and Emer are not common. Pixie is usually a nickname, but I know of a couple. Michael, Kyle, and Kevin are quite popular in the US. TJ and Callum not so popular, but not unusual. Killian or Cillian would not be a very common name here. The above web site is your best place to find out popularity of names in the US. However, it is helpful to keep in mind that the US is a pretty big place and we do have trends in names that are unique to different areas of the country. Plus, we have quite a large population of people with close ties to their ethnic roots so my youngest daughter, who is 11 and in 6th grade goes to school with a Rachel, Sarah, Jacob and Michael as well as a Samir, Marina, Dominick and Vlada.

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    Since it's a preschool, I'd assume most kids were born around 2004. Here are the 2004 rankings in the US of the names below

    Rachel - #34

    Ebony - #817

    Leah - #64

    Michaela - Michaela #284, Makayla #47

    Crea - nothing like it appears in the top 1000

    Pixie - not in the top 1000

    Niamh - Pronounced Neev - not in the top 1000

    Eimear or Emer - not in the top 1000


    Micheal - #392, Michael #2

    Killian and Cillian - there's two - not in the top 1000 with either spelling

    Callum - not in the top 1000

    Kyle - #55

    TJ - no way to tell if we don't know what the initials stand for

    Kevin - #34

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    Unique names are becoming more popular in USA, but still you don't want your child to be teased because his/her name is too different.

    For the girls, most of the names would be very nice, however some people might assume that Ebony reflects African-American heritage. Pixie might sound too "unserious," and it's hard to imagine a woman named Pixie leading the senate or being the chairwoman of the board. Also, Crea, Eimear and Niamh are nice (Celtic?) names but your daughter might spend a lifetime correcting other people's spelling and pronunciation.

    For the boys' names, all sound very mainstream for USA, except that I would suggest going with the spelling "Killian" vs. "Cillian." In USA the "C" in "Cillian" would be "soft," and typically pronounced "Sillian," leading to teasing names like "Silly." Also, Killian's Red is a beer, so maybe more teasing there.

    Lots of great names in the lists, though.

    Hope that helps!

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    Rachel is a very popular name in the states. Ebony is a popular name for a black girl. Mikayla or Michaela has become popular in the last 20 years or so. Tori is usually a nickname for Victoria, not that common though. Michael would probably be the most used boy's name, followed by Kevin and Kyle. The rest are not very popular here.

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    Yeah a lot of the names are common, I'm from Canada and I know a few people with the names:

    Racheal, Leah, Michalea, Micheal, Kyle, TJ, Kevin, Troy, Tori, Neev.

    The other names Don't sound as common but a lot of people name their kids uncommon names. I'm sure if I looked around I would be surprised to see a lot of people with the same names.

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    I know kids/adults named Rachel, Ebony, Leah, Michaela, Tory, Michael, Kyle, TJ, and Kevin. I don't know anyone named Crea, Pixie, Niamh, Eimear, Killian/Cillian, or Callum. I live in the US.

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    In America the following are VERY popular..

    Rachel michaela tori Michael Kyle Kevin TJ Ebony is popular in Black circles Killian Callum are good names but more Gaelic..( I lOVE them)

    the odd ones are pixie Crea Niamh and Eimer... but those sound old Irish.. Nice names though... probably would be fine here!

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    The boys names would be very popular here in America.

    As for some of the girl names not all of them would be popular such as:




    or Michaela

    I really like the names you've chose such as Kyle, Callum, Leah, Michael, Rachel, Leah*, and Tori.

    *I really really love this one!!!

    Hope this Helps!

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