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Went to court yesterday, showed the plaintiff my letter of ssi award paper, and bank statement?

The bank statement only showed the ssi and aid to the blind and disabled deposits. The plaintiffs attorney copied the papers and also i took him the medical papers explaining my condition.

He copied that too and gave me the papers back. I said goodbye. Did i do the wrong thing? I was not guilty of the bill in the first place. I was to embarrassed to go before a judge and a full court room.

Can i return my money to the bank now? Or should i just get the ssi check in the mail. I stopped my ssi from direct deposit but i kept 90 dollars in the bank to keep the account open. Please i know i can't afford a lawyer. I made a mistake? the lawyer for the plaintiff said, "we can't take your ssi out of the bank!" The day before Court i took everything except 90dollars out. I'm Truly going crazy. My question is this, Since I showed their lawyers my ssi award letter, and the only deposit in the bank a us Treasury deposits and they have proof will the still freeze my account? Or can i call ss and have them start my direct deposit again? The day before court I Called ss and stopped my direct deposit. I should have gone in the court room and made them play back the voice recording or whomever placed the yellow book ad. But i'm shy and i get so embarrassed easy cause i look bad. Please help??


please help me .. Should i call ss and have them keep my direct deposit back in the bank?

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    I would leave the DD of the SSI as long as you can prove that it is SSI they cannot take that money, so don't cash it then put it in as cash...The DD is the best way to show what it is!

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