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Usain Bolt in NFL? what do you think?

I heard he did a work out for the Giants, think there is a chance of Bolt signing a NFL contract?

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    Sure there's a chance of him signing a contract... that said, there's virtually no chance of him ever doing anything at the NFL level.

    The NFL is always looking for "hidden" talent. You dont even need to look at the track guys alone... Look at all the guys who've been playing football their whole lives who get to the combine, run a crazy fast forty yard time and then get drafted in the first round only to never amount to anything in the NFL... and those are guys who've been playing football the majority of their lives. Even elite NCAA players have trouble, like David Terrel and Peter Warrick... They were both studs at school and never amounted to much in the league.

    At the NFL level, EVERYBODY is a premier athlete... particularly at the "skill" positions like WR, DB, RB... Even big fat lineman run faster and jump higher than 90% of "normal" people, "skill" players are probably in the top 1% of athletes. What seperates players at that level is all the mental stuff that people who havent played football dont even know exist. When to sit down in a zone, when to press a corner deep, when to cut-off a route based on the db's positioning... and that's assuming that they've already mastered things like getting into and out of your breaks without gearing down or tipping off defenders... Or, and this would be a big one for Bolt, taking hits from 250lb beasts intent on killing you... I mean Bolt has never even had to run around an obstacle, let alone a giant man who wants to hurt him....

    Just look at Brock Lesnars attempt with the Vikings a couple seasons ago, and that was at DT where you basically just line up and brawl with the man across from you... Or Jeremy Bloom, people thought for sure he'd at least be a good return man if not a wideout but... not so much.

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    Why does everyone think he cant take a hit? He looks stronger and bigger than most wide receivers Ive seen. I dont care if its running in grass, sand or on ice. The guy is pure speed. Even NFL stars without the pads and running on track couldnt come close to his speed. The only factor would be could he learn to play the game and can he catch the ball and could the qb get the ball to him at full speed in a game. And I doubt very seriously if he did play football that the coach would have him running across the middle. Why in the world would you do that? Hes a burner, there isnt a corner than could keep up with him without help. Even as a decoy he would stretch out the defense helping any offense tremendously.

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    haha, all they'd do is use him for last second hail marys. Playing in the NFL requires both learned ability, and natural ability. And Usain Bolt only has one ability, his natural speed. He wouldn't make it far, he'd be a gimmick, that's it.

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    Not as anything more than a sideshow. Guys play their entire lives to be good enough to play in the NFL. I doubt he could just walk in and be good enough with absolutely no experience.

    Being fast doesn't make him a good football player. Can he run routes, break tackles, and catch? Can he cover someone or tackle? Could he even learn a playbook?

    Halo - Bo Jackson was very good before he got hurt.

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    Unfortunately I have to disagree with the guy above me. I agree it takes years to acquire the skills necessary to compete in the NFL, however it is hard to pretend that when this guy poped out he wasn't already years ahead of the average joe in terms of body build and athletic ability.

    That being said, I hope the NFL does not succumb to signing gimmick players to draw ruins the spirit of the game.

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    It's one thing to be fast, quite another to be a football player. For reference see; Renaldo Nehemiah, Willie Gault, et al. Put some pads on him and put him through summer two-a-days then let him take a hit from Bob Sanders just once--he won't be so fast.

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    Running fast in a straight line is a lot different than doing it in equipment, catching footballs, running routes, etc., etc.

    Some track stars have made it, but few have been really good. Renaldo Nehemiah was pretty good. I'm more familiar with Willie Gault. He had his good games, but often as not he forgot to bring his hands.

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    It would be fun to watch, but it would be foolish for him to. It's just like Bo Jackson, just because you're fast doesn't mean you're good.

    I have a friend who runs a 4.43, but do you know what's the best about speed? Footwork. You can't truck everyone over with speed, as you can do power. You choose the speed pathway?

    The most precious thing in speed is footwork, like juking peeps off their shoes, or a lightning quick stiff arm, or maybe a fake. You can't do that without footwork, and if you do. You're even more dangerous if you can do it quickly, with speed of course.

    It depends on Usain Bolt, if he can run 3.98 and can't do anything else, nooooo thanks.

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    He didn't work out for the Giants it was just for a TV spot.

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    if there is any sport that this would work in its american football. im sure he has no idea of the rules, but once he gets the hang of it he would be decent.

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