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請幫忙翻譯 (請不要使用翻譯器)


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    The 2009 training budget for the team in this branch is 1192 training days, averaging 4.95 training days per team member. However in 2009 the total required days for receiving training is 1648.44 days( as per attached table). This exceeds the training budget by 456.44 days, or about +38.29%. It is now suggested that 'Outdoor Training' to be reduced from three days to one day per year, so as to get close to the target. The training budget, after implementing this policy, will be 1178.44 training days minus 14 training days, or about -1.14%.

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    The training budget for our team in year 2009 is 1,192 training days, in average 4.95 training day per each team member. However the essential training days for year 2009 is 1,648.44 days (please refer to attached detailed table), which has exceeded the budget for 456.44 days. It is suggested to reduce the outskirt training day from 3 days to 1 day per year, so as to reduce the difference between the budget and the actual training plan. Upon implementation of above reduction, the essential training days is reduced to 1,178.44 in year 2009, which equals to an over-budget of 14 days (around 1.14%).

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    This crew in 2009 year's training budget is 1192 training dates, the average each member approximately 4.95 training dates, but essential accepts the training in 2009 year the date number is 1648.44 dates (sees attached list), the excess budget training date 456.44 dates, +38.29%, presently suggest approximately three days reduce “the suburb training” from every year to every year one day, are sure need to draw close to the goal, after carrying out this policy training budget are 1178.44 training dates, -14 training dates, approximately - 1.14%.

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