Why do republicans blame Unions for the Auto industries problems?

Republicans always blame the workers and always want to cut the workers benefits and pensions but not the CEO's.

If we had a universal health care system, the automobile industry would not have to spend over 6 billion dollars a year on health care.

Why should a car manufacturer pay for health care??? That makes no sense plus it adds about $2000 to the price of every car that is built.

Where is the COMMON SENSE????

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    You are right about health care: Toyota was looking at building a plant in the south, but they went to Canada instead because then they would not be paying for their employees health care. Not having national health care costs the tax payers money. The neo cons are so brain washed by Hannity and O'Reily that they don't explore the issue. As far as blaming the unions, they are told to do that by the elistist rich, and being like the lemmings they are, they follow blindly.

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    Why should the United States have universal health care? So the lazy could leech off and abuse the system, while the rest of the hardworking Americans pay into it.

    If you want to use Europe as a working example of universal health care, remember how much taxes they are paying.

  • The unions are part of the problem since it's a fact that the union employees are paid much more than the non union german and japanese plants which are more productive. The cars produced here are inferior both in quality and fuel economy. These car mfg should be allowed to sink like the rest of the businesses do when they are mismanaged. That make sense. Ceos should be the first to go.

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    The US car companies have been producing garbage since the mid 1970s. The unions and management are both to blame. While a union worker makes huge dollars and gets an unbelievable retirement plan for tightining bolts or screwing parts on, the dollars do not add up. In order to get a decent American vehicle, you must spend 50 grand or more and for 20 grand you can get a great Toyota or Nissan. Management is also to blame. They both - management and unions have failed.

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    Ford moved factories distant places before (as in "transferring jobs distant places") so as that they have got been extremely immune from the irresponsible collectivism of the unions. GM and Chrysler stayed too long in Detroit. Now they're following Ford's lead. GM is beginning factories in China now, and chinese language are extremely purchase GM automobiles now. The unions purely have been given interior the way. fortunately, the U. S. automobile marketplace did no longer crumple, they might have a sparkling day in Mexico, So. us of a of america, and Asia. it extremely is the U. S. unions which will crumple.

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    You're right, if we had universal health care it would help not just the auto industry but all businesses. The global economic crises sent auto sales tumbling to its lowest rate in 25 years. That caused the auto companies to burn through their cash reserves. It's not the union that caused this to happen!

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    Almost every employer pays for health insurance except places like Walmart, why should the auto manufacturers be any different?

    If the employers don't pay for health insurance, who does? The governement, because there is no way a typical American worker can afford it alone.

    And of course, the companies want their workers healthy.

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    It's much easier for them to scapegoat unions than to look at the real and obvious problems. They want to feel patriotic riding down the street in a Toyota or Honda, instead of realizing that we have abandoned our own economy. Bush sold us to China, and we support Japan by buying all their goods instead of our own.

    Way to go!

    The real patriots now are dying out, and those are the WWII veterans--you won't see them in a Japanese car and there's a reason for that. The rest of us just sold ourselves out.

  • Justin
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    I would imagine it's because Unions demand better pay and benefits, driving up the cost per unit of goods and services.

    Good point about car manufacturers paying for health care.

  • Obama
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    Get your facts straight and stop listening to news radio for your info on the auto industry. My father works for an auto maker and he pays for health care just like everyone else does.

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