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How many more years will MLS last?

Will it last for 100+ years,or will it fold like the NASL.

Apparently MLS is spending millions of dollars on aged talent,JUST LIKE NASL.

I really hope that MLS does not fall appart,but it seem inevitable.

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    MLS is organized in such a way where it MAKES SURE it won't end up like the NASL.

    consider first, the very low salary cap placed on teams. while the rest of the world scoffs at the pay MLS gives, it does so to make sure that we do not pay more than we can handle, in order to prevent what the New York Cosmos did (by all the best players in such a way where the rest of the league couldnt compete).

    the second part is considering the Stadiums being built. the NASL days saw teams being moved around from city to city, changing identities simply because of stadium issues and who can shell out the most money. the MLS expansion rules make it clear that a distinct stadium be planned out, as well as a responsible ownership.

    furthermore, the NASL, wasn't very stable financially overall. MLS may not be making bank, but it at least is taking step to ensure the right people are running the organization. the inevitable part was simply recklessness on the management side of the NASL. MLS will survive. i support it wholeheartedly and consider the San Jose Earthquakes MY team. not Liverpool. not Inter Milan. i go to every game i can and stand with the supporters section. plus, many MLS teams do NOT play in empty stadiums anymore. attendance is rising, and TV contracts are being created. soccer will soon become more and more integrated into the American mindset as the generations pass, but at least MLS management is taking the right steps to ensure that my sons and daughters will one day be able to see MLS games in the future.

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    Major League Soccer is here to stay. MLS has ran circles around the NASL...Leaving the NASL in the dust. MLS clubs are building their own stadiums which generates more revenue. NASL clubs rented stadiums from NFL teams and what not and in doing so lost out on all sorts of revenue: ticket sales, concessions, Advertising/Marketing, parking, etc. By having their own stadiums allows MLS clubs to pocket the entire package. NASL clubs had to share revenue generated from game day with the stadiums ownership.

    The two leagues are like apples and oranges. They can't be compared. The only thing they have in common is the fact that they are both fruit. Other than that they are much different: looks, smell, taste, etc.

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    Until 2012

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    I am worried about this upcoming recession ... will definitely last through the end of '09, so might compel many MLS fans to stay home and watch games on TV instead of attend.

    Financially, MLS operates right on the margin.

    If it does fall apart, though, (knock on wood) individual states should start their own leagues ... e.g. California, Texas, New England, etc. Then we could travel to road games.

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    Yea I hope that too.

    I think it won't end up like NASL.

    The MLS is getting more attraction and ratings.

    It participates in international leagues which is good to get its game up and get ratings. Hopefully it won't end up like NASL.

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    Def 100+ years!

    Source(s): Despite the San Jose part, ;-), well spoken Chicochicano!
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    i think it will last. but i agree, the mls better know their limits spending wise.

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    many many years there is no way it will fall apart now its too far along and it is creating alot more revenue than the NASL ever did

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    how long before the world ends....

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