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What the heck is an emotional affair? Is this something wives came up with as an excuse to forgive their hubby?

I would be much more scared if my partner was "emotionally" connected to another woman. Aren't emotions of the heart? Is this even a real diagnosis? I think wives made this up so they aren't looked down upon for accepting their habitual cheating husbands affair.

I'm not coming down on the wives that forgave their husband for making a mistake. Heck I sure did and it's happened to more of us that I see admit on YA! I'm mainly questioning the ones that forgive the repeat offenders & rationalize this behavior by saying they decided to stay because of the kids.

And before you ask - I'm an ex wife in a relationship with a separated but, married man so I guess i'm a mistress.


Fyi: Jennifer C i think most people know YA stands for Yahoo Answers.

Update 2:

My question was the first line. What is an emotional affair?

Update 3:

Angel eyes - i divorced my ex b/c their is a BIG difference in "wanting" to change and actually changing. They are only sorry when they get caught. Their separation is legal & filed. You don't want judgement you just want to point the finger.

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    I think emotional affairs are real. That's when the couple is infatuated with each other but, for whatever reason, isn't having sex. The reason could be as simple as physical distance, a long-distance connection that starts in a chat room or something. I think you're right, though, that women in general can forgive a purely sexual affair where there was no love more quickly than they can an affair that involved an emotional bond. Men tend to be the opposite, caring more about the sex. That could be an ancient biological preference: men didn't want to raise another man's baby.

  • gery
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    The psycho evangelicals aside, about the same time they stated divorce used to be evil they also mentioned, anything about unconditional love. The notion is unassuming the applying is anything else. If in case you have an obsession with any person about something then an affair is serious, but then if some one is that obsessive you might be getting into the realm of the psycho evangelicals. You have got to appreciate that the -marriage vows- of today have been made to manage people. In case you go back over a thousand years and have marriages as they had for the previous 5000 years divorce would never happen.

  • Anonymous
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    An emotional affair is when a spouse invests time into another person emotionally instead of talking and confiding in their wife/husband.

    What happens is that the person may not have physical contact, but they have given a piece of themselves to someone else and in turn does not confide the same info to the spouse. So their partner is pushed away emotionally and they both become disconnected.

    Emotional affairs do lead to divorce if it isn't nipped in the bud.

    The reason why a lot of wives take back husbands after an emotional affair is because it wasn't physical. I think the thought of their spouse actually getting naked and having sex, mentally would mess with them for many many years, but you don't necessarily get the same mental images with emotional affairs.

    In my opinion, emotional affairs are equally as bad as physical ones because in both cases, their spouse is taking something away from the person they married.

    Source(s): No cheating on either side here, just my opinion.
  • Ashley
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    Skip the hecks and YAs and work on your sentence structure and maybe someone can help you better.

    From what I got, I think an emotional affair is probably worse than a physical affair if it's acted out on before someone catches it.

    Y/A usually stands for yahoo answers but what the heck!

    Just messin with ya.....

    An emotional affair is when feelings are involved right?!?! I mean attached men and women shouldn't become so close that they kind of love that person even though they're not sleeping with them. It's not all about sex with any relationship so why is it OK for people to have an emotional affair? It's not!

    It's even worse because there's that fine line they have been dying to cross and if they do, there's no turning back.

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    An emotional affair is just as it sounds-emotional attachment only. However, you are right about it being much deeper than a physical affair because when people connect emotionally, it's out of a need to have that kind of contact. these kind of attachments between men and women are dangerous because what it can develop into if the two are physically proximate to one another.

    I'm a firm believer that, due to basic human nature of men and women, they can never truly be "friends". there will ALWAYS be an underlying motive in one or both parties.

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    An affair doesn't always involve sex. If your spouse has intimate feelings for someone other then you but hasn't actually had physical contact with that person then some people consider that to be cheating.

    What exactly is your question? What is an emotional affair or why do women stay with men who cheat on them more then once?

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    Emotional affair commonly starts in a long distance relationship. A connection between two people through email, IM, phone calls, and etc but no physical contact.

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    I have forgiven my hubby (more than once) but I don't rationalize his behavior. I stayed because he wanted to change and he was genuinely sorry. There is no point in hating someone forever for making a mistake. We all make mistakes, some stupid ones , some not so stupid ones. How I see it, there is a little bit of bad in the best of us and a little bit of good in the worst of us, so it therefore behooves none of us to talk about the rest of us.

    P.S. SHAME ON YOU. Unless your 'separated married man' has intentions of filling for divorce.

  • Anonymous
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    I think emotional affairs are unforgivable... I think they are falling in love with some one emotionally but not doing anything physical about it.

    And for Jarod up there.... you're not having an affair with someone when they're SEPARATED. That term means that you are not with your spouse anymore. In fact where I live, separated is about is as legal as divorced, just means the court hasn't okayed your property and child support arrangements yet. What is wrong with people.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Connected first emotionally then adventually physically. We all get tempted one way or the other, it's what our final choice is in the end, to be proud.

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