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Amateur movie making camcorder suggestions?

I'm looking to buy a good but not extraordinarily expensive camcorder to make armature movies for film festivals and such. But I really have no clue on what type i should go for. minidv, hdd, such and so on.

I would like something that gives you a good clear image, good sound, good quality in both indoors and out, and if not good then acceptable night vision.

price range nothing exceeding 500. something that good around 200 would be amazingly awesome too :D

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    Well, i would rather advice you to first identify the need for Camcorder. Once you know why you want it you will easily be able to select a Camcorder for you. Even i had a tough time to select a camera for myself few weeks back but, the decision that i made was awesome. I got myself a Canon HF11 Camcorder. Its got 32GB of inbuilt memory, a SD card slot. The clarity and the quality of sound is also amazing. I bet you will like this one.

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    Best Camcorder For Making Movies

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    Technology is constantly changing, so it is difficult to nail down any specific camera that the aspiring filmmaker should use.

    That said, FILM technology hasn't fundamentally changed in over fifty years, so if you're looking for a medium that is "safe," film really is the best in a lot of respects.

    However, obtaining Super 8 or 16 film and equipment isn't as "easy" as getting video equipment. Quality filmstock, cameras, and editing equipment are mostly accessible to those who are near large production cities, like LA, NY, and Chicago.

    BUT, what this question misses is what should be of utmost importance to the aspiring filmmaker. Anyone who wishes to "make movies" is probably wanting to "direct" and NOT shoot. So, that being the case, if you are an aspiring DIRECTOR, concentrate on writing a fantastic script, engaging the help of a competent PRODUCER who is instrumental in dealing with the logistics of production, and "hire" a Director of Photography who knows more about lighting and camera than you ever will be or want to be. Also know that to get your movie accepted into a decent Festival requires a certain high level of quality that most inexpensive video cameras will not be able to deliver. If you want to practice making some quick movies as tests, then any camera will do. But if aspire to create a quality product, you'll need to spend more or find someone out there who already has the equipment (camera, lights, grip, electrics, etc) and has experience with camerawork and lighting.

    The point is to EMBRACE the specialization of filmmaking... figure out what YOU want to do and then find others who will help you to achieve it. If you don't want to be a DP, then find someone nearby who does. Let that person deal with the camera to use and the lights and the crew he/she needs to make it happen. As the Director, you are of course interested in knowing that the resources are there to bring the script to life, but being involved in the minutia of the equipment isn't necessary.

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    this is always the question that most amateur film makers must face.

    Personally in my opinion you should move toward a HD camcorder, SD camcorders just will not cut it in terms of picture and sound, not to mention Hd cameras have slightly better light sensors and color separation compared to old SD Mini DV camcorders.

    Now in terms of recording material I would rank it on this (form the best to worst)

    1. Flash Card

    2. Mini DV

    3. Hard Drive

    4. DVD.

    Flash cards alow for a faster workflow in editing, larger storage for HD, and stability during shooting. But mini DV has reliability, can shoot HD, and is archival. But Mini DV can only record HDV, and this is tricky to edit due to drop frames and other issues.

    I say for a good consumer camcorder that also has superior control for the armature you should go with the Cannon HF11 or HF10 (but the HF 11 has a mic input, a necessary) if you need something cheap go with the Cannon HV30.

    Both cameras can record in 24 frames (same as film) use manual focus and have mic inputs.

    Just remember not to waste your money on a camera that will be obsolete.

    HF11 http://www.amazon.com/Canon-VIXIA-Memory-Camcorder...

    HV30 http://www.amazon.com/Canon-HV30-Definition-Camcor...

    Source(s): Video/Film student
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    i might propose to assessment out Canon VIXIA HV40 HD HDV Camcorder HDV format grants extreme-definition video to miniDV tape actual Canon 10x HD video lens; SuperRange Optical image Stabilizer DIGIC DV II image processor; 24p Cinema Mode, 30p imaginitive Mode 2.7-inch Multi-perspective vivid Widescreen liquid crystal demonstrate

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