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what is the population of northern Mexico compared with the rest of Mexico?

also, do you think northern mexico is being "americanized"? why?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Mexico's total population is about 105 million, of which I would guess about 10-15 million live in Northern Mexico.

    Northern Mexico is growing though and there is a belief in Mexico that the North is being americanized. There are two reasons for this. Many Americans are travelling to Mexico for vacations and the northern cities want to do as much as possible to make Americans feel at home because income from this is very important to these region. The other more important reason is NAFTA. Since goods manufactured in Northern Mexico cities can be imported duty-free into the US, there is obviously a growth in number of US companies who have factories in the region as well as local vendors who export goods for Mexican-Americans to consume in the USA.

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