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uh, question on meeting the parents.?

so, i have a boyfriend, and he wants me to come meet his parents. he's a freshman, and i'm in 8th grade. i wanna make a good impression on them, so what should i do?

-how do i act?

-what do i say?

-what do i do?

-what do i wear?




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    Aww... meeting parents... Scary but you can get through it.

    How to Act:

    1- Act yourself.

    2- Don't be all over your guy. I bet the parents don't want a girl that close to their son at that age.

    3- Sit wherever they tell you to and cross your legs with your hands on you knees.

    4- If they don't tell you where to sit, sit by your boyfriend, close but not to close.

    What to wear:

    1- Wear something appropriate. Like jeans and a polo.

    2- A cute necklace. You just need something around your neck.

    3- Cute shoes. Always a good thing to do if you are trying to get on the mom's good side.

    4- Don't wear to much make- up. It just makes you look fake.

    5- Leave your hair down.

    Things to Say:

    1- Complement the mom's shirt and ask where she got it.

    2- When you walk in the door ask if you need to take off your shoes. Shows respect of the house

    3- When the parents ask you questions be honest. I will make the parents trust you.

    4- ALWAYS call them Mr. and Mrs. That is a huge respect thing.

    Hope I helped you out,


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    You dont know what kind of personality the parents have, so start out being very polite but friendly. Once you meet them youll see if they are chill or like super uptight and picky. Make sure you introduce yourself and say nice to meet you. If they happen to be really relaxed and think youre too formal then you can just laugh it off and they'll know that your a nice girl. Being over nice is better than them thinking you have bad mannors or are slobby. Just try to be calm and keep it natural!

    dont wear anything too revealing! Haha pick something classy, I dont know your style but dark jeans and a cute top would look good. Dont go overboard on the makeup either. Keep it somewhat simple, i wouldnt go for crazy eyeshadow colors on the first impression. Some lipgloss and mascara is good :)

    Do something cute with your hair that looks neat, it depends what kind of hair you have. Half up and half down/front part of your hair up is always good

    hope that helps :)

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    First of all and most importantly, be yourself. I wouldn't want my son's girlfriend coming in and not feel comfortable enough that she felt that she had to put on an act. Because if you stay together for a while, you'll be over there again and you don't want his parents to think that your phony. Wear something presentable, I know, I sound like a mom, but It's true. The worst thing that you could do to make a bad first impression is have your skirt hiked up to your cheeks and your "girls" hanging out. lol Just relax about it, it really isn't a big deal if you think about it. Your in 8th grade, think about how many parents you are going to meet in you life time.

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    Ok, calm down its all gravy lol..

    First its really important that you focus on relaxing and just being you.

    because if you are all stressed about it you could come off as ancy or unintrested in what their saying.

    Dress like you would if you were going to say church, you dont have to be fancy but just slacks and a nice top.

    Wear your hair however you feel it looks best.

    Instead of buying them a gift make cookies and bring them over.

    The mom will definitely appreciate that you were thoughtful enough to take the time to make cookies and she'll love that her son is dating someone who actually knows how to bake.

    Smile and make eye contact.

    You can hold your b/fs hand but avoid all other types of PDA (public displays of affection)

    And probably the most important thing to remember to do is...


    Good Luck.

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    Well first of all don't act, dress, or talk like a slut.

    Be modest and kind.

    Also be honest.

    I suggest wearing semi-casual as in a turtle neck, scarf and jeans (not ripped)

    For the makeup. Just lightly apply some mascara or foundation and your good to go =)

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    Act like yourself. Be nice and polite and try to watch a movie with him and his parents. Thats what we did when i first met my bf's family. Wear something you always would just be yourself. because they will get to know you for who you are Good luck

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    You should just be yourself. Don't act any different than you would when you are around your boyfriend.Dress with jeans and a nice shirt.Be polite and nice. Just act natural and they should love you!!! Good Luck Chickey!!

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    1. you should hav respect for them and have manners. yes sir, no sir. please and thankyou.

    2. hi im _ nice to meet you

    3.if they ask you questions answer. be nice

    4. you could wear jeans and a nice shirt.

    5. if ur gonna wear makeup, dont wear too much.

    6. down, straight or wavy

    hope that helps.

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    just be your self have good manners being complimentary to them helps out wear something decent and not so skanky not too much makeup they wanna see your face hair depends if you want it up or down doesnt matter just nothing too crazy or exotic

    Hopefully this helps out!!

    Good luck!!

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