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What is the difference between pneumonia and bronchitis?

My doctor diagnosed me with bronchitis, but I think it is pneumonia. Isn't a bronchitis cough dry and pneumonia causes a lot of phlegm?When I cough I get a rattling in my chest and my cough sounds like Rice Crispies in milk. I've been sick with a cough over a month. My doctor gave me an antibiotic but I don't feel much better.

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    Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes and the bronchi that go into the lungs and pneumonia is in the lungs and where they fill with fluid. Your chest will feel heavy and hurt on movement and not just on breathing. Sometimes your chest will hurt on one side and feel"heavy" and you can definitely tell the difference.

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    Bronchitis is an infection in the bronchial tubes. Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs. Bronchitis causes phlegm in the throat and chest as well as pneumonia. Keep taking your prescribed medication. It sometimes takes a while for your body to rid itself of the infection. I'm sure your doctor knows what he's doing. If you have been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, the cough will never really go away. It's something you'll always have.

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    you will possibly desire to work out a doctor. Chest soreness observed with shortness of breath ought to advise pneumonia. might have a walking type of pneumonia. additionally experiencing sweats and chills are no longer a solid sign. Bronchitis in many cases impacts the bronchial tubes. Pneumonia is plenty extra serious and impacts the lungs. Pneumonia is likewise observed via significant fatigue and malaise, being you're no longer feeling properly and don't sense like doing something. bypass to the generic practitioner. people who diagnose themselves and play generic practitioner have a fool for a doctor. wish you sense extra effective! I even have had the two and endure in concepts bronchitis can precipitate pneumonia. you probably want fluids, antibiotics, and doubtless a medicine which dilates the air passages. i've got self assurance for you. It sucks! back, look for a docs suggestion now. you're sorry later!

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    I once suffered from Chronic Bronchitis. I would suffer sometimes 3 to 4 times per year! Usually when there was a major change in the pressure outside (I live in the north, and the temperature spikes and dips do wonders to chronic sufferers of bronchitis!). Each time I would get horrible hacking coughs, hoarking up green was so frustrating!

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    Go in and get another refill on the antibiotic, or you may need a penicillin shot and another antibiotic. I get bronchitis all the time if I let a cold go, and I have a cough for several weeks after even after taking the antibiotic and feeling better.

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    With pneumonia you have fluid in the lungs.

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