NEED HELP on editors and magazines?

i have to take the role of an editor for a roleplay/discussion that is worth a big % of my grade. i am the editor and need to decide what goes in to the magazine. i need some help for a few things

the gossip columnist has taken pics of a footballer leaving a hotel early in the morning where a mystery celebrity lady is known to be staying. he is known for having affairs in the past and is married (no its not ashley cole haha) - the gossip columnist thinks this story is too good to miss out but if it turns out wrong we may get sued. what do we do?

also...a famous and popular fashion designer has launched a new clothing line but uses real fur, she wants a spot in the newspaper, but this could spark animal rights campaigners to backfire and there will be controversy and stuff. what to do?

as the editor, i need to listen to the people in my group and choose on the lead stories. how should i act out this role to get good marks?

professional help needed, thanks


look i have my own personal feelings about fur and animal rights and this gossip stuff but i have to be in ROLE as the editor and do what i think is best for the magazine, what will get most readers.

but also in general, i wanna no how to act out the editor's role. any ideas? do i just listen to everyone's argument, then at the end, weigh it up and decide??

Update 2:

ourajin - that was V helpful. thankyou! if u dont mind, what journalism school did u go to, what country? thnx

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    as the editor it's purely up to you, making calls like this is up to you exclusively.

    so first you need to analyze how you truly feel: do you honestly give a **** about football players and celebs? do you feel like thats newsworthy in all that we have going on? do you think that fur-haters are worthy of your consideration?

    now look at how i wrote that. i asked you questions, but you can definitely tell my lean. as an editor thats how it comes out.

    now you need to ask, will this celeb/football player sue you? here's how it works: the best protection for a journalist is the truth. if youre telling the truth, you cant be sued. however, if its printed as fact, its libel and you can sued for defamation of character. but why doesnt the inquirer get sued left and right? its because they place the questionable **** in their opinion-editorial section.

    if you have a gossip columnist, then make sure you put it in your op-ed section. all you need to do from there is get all of the facts and put them out there. homeboy left that hotel. she was staying there. the reader can draw their own conclusions, and you're legally safe. if the columnist bitches about not getting a front-page story, tell her to **** off because she isnt a real reporter, and this isnt US or People.

    and now you need to analyze the fur thing. personally, how many people do you know who care enough about fur and animals' rights to cause a fuss? there just arent that many. so as a person who is selling ad spaces in your paper, thats fine because if they stop buying your paper then its ok, because youve got an ad to replace their circulation costs. not to mention, the odds are that they wont get angry at you anyway, theyll get angry about the fur being used, which will cause controversy and thus give you something to print.

    now its a matter of ethics: is causing controversy fine? in this case yes, because the fact is: this line of fur-clothing exists, and you're just making it known. not printing the ad wont make it go away, and all youre doing is informing these PETA hippies as well as potential customers. so you can play it off as "not taking a stance on the issue and keeping your objectivity". also, you not printing something because of public backlash is cowardly.


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    The gossip columnist could say that the footballer was seen leaving with the celebrity as this was true and the defence of Veritas (truth) could be used if an action was raised by the footballer but she couldn't say any more. If she said he was having an affair then you would be screwed as you cannot prove that.

    As for the fur issue - that depends entirely on the stance of your publication. Is it pro or anti fur? From the point of view of a role play it would be more interesting to be anti but be swithering as to whether or not to take the designer on as they are offering big bucks.

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    only assume don't say its true make sure that the GC has done her research and is not putting 2 and 2 together and coming up 3

    WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE FUR TRADE? DO YOU THINK ITS RIGHT THAT ANIMALS ARE KILLED SOME OF THEM are still alive WHEN THEY ARE SKINNED, SO WE CAN WEAR THIER SKINS.... oops caps lock on. pull out your feelings from inside yourself and act as if it was really happening to you,

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    sorri but im no prof

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