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Typical Roulette Table Limits and Minimum Bets in Vegas?

Hi. I was wondering what the typical table limits and minimum bets are at roulette tables in Las Vegas casinos? I realize that there will be lots of different stakes tables but it would be interesting to know a few numbers.

The reason is this: I have been testing out a simple system with play money in one of the many online casinos and so far it has done me proud so far. I just want to know how it could pan out in practice.

Basically it is this:

The table has a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum of $200 per round if your bets are limited to the REDS and BLACKS squares. ($250 if you bet on individual numbers).

I have been betting like this:

My first bet is always $2 - either on reds or blacks - every time I loose I triple my last bet and switch to the other color. So the bets go 2,6,18,54,162 - then my winnings at each stage can be 2,4,10,28,82.

After that obviously I can either cut my losses OR try minimizing my loss by betting the full $200 (leaving me $42 in the red instead of $242).

I do realize that I am always betting against the odds but in practice this has at least proven to be a good way of racking up some good winnings before loosing out. Also I know I am probably not the first person to think of this system.

All I want to know is if I would be able to play like this for real money in Vegas or if the table limitations and/or casino policy and laws(??) would prohibit me from doing it?

Any info greatly appriciated!

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    I have been practicing the Martingale system at home for the last week (or one of those progressive betting schemes). I've set a couple of rules for myself. First i wait intil there are two of the same color and then i start betting against that color. this will give me 5 bets before i cant tripple up anymore if the limit is $1,000 (starting with a $10 bet) and a total of 7 colors in a row. Since the odds of getting 7 or more of the same color in row are very low i would believe this will work best for a SHORT period of time. My other rule is to be disapline. Making a move with out thinking it through can cost you a lot of money and wasted time. I've even come up with a scheme that i dont know is legal but if you lose your table max bet then what you do is place the table max bet and then get your buddy to come over and put up the rest of the money to when everything back if it happend to hit that color you are betting on and then go cash out. But of course this is very risky and you have to be willing to lose a lot of money to have a chance on winning a good deal of money!!!! I find it really hard forking out all that money but i have been working hard to keep my impulses under control. But the most important rule about roulette is to set a realistic goal to reach and then get out quickly. But hey if you double up stick half in you pocket and have fun knowing that you cant lose more than you started with and if you lose all that you can look on the bright side and think of all the free drinks you got.

    good luck and let me know if i was any help

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    Roulette Minimum Bet

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    Well they will let you do it and you will crash and burn. I find the lesser casinos to have a $5 min and $500 max. The larger casinos are generally $10 and $1000 max

    So to do this in a Vegas casino you need a bankroll of $1210 to start out and hope you don't lose more than 5 times in a row.






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    The Martingale system has been around a long time, that one you just double your bets each time.

    You triple them? So you actually win more if you lose first, interesting.

    But any "system" might win a little in the short term, lose in the long term.

    I don't know how much money you are bringing, but just losing 4 in a row and you are betting $162 on a single spin where you only have a 47% chance of winning? Are you comfortable with that? Easy to do on a computer with fake money...

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    no they wouldnt stop u from trying. it is a losing system that does work sometimes for a while but eventually u will lose. The only time casino will stop u from tripling bet is when are over the table max. Most tables are 5$ minimum 1000 max, some are higher though.

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